Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lovely Sunday

Beautiful Sunday today! I went to church this morning and there was a special speaker.

Rev. Irvin Rutherford giving his sermon. It was very interesting.

One phrase that made me laugh: "God loves Chinese people so much that He has made so many of them."

He was seriously so funny!

After the great service at PCC, I went to Gurney for another round of Mr. Teppanyaki. This time, I ordered the sotong set.

I also took a new route to go to the plaza since it was nearer. Thanks Azimah for teaching me this safe and time-saving route.

My lunch. Where is the sotong??

Here it is!!!

That was an awesome lunch!

Tomorrow will be another day of working again.

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Anonymous said...

Now only i can really see the sotong. so yummy leh. why you din tapao for me some. But tapao also no chance to taste. Sigh. My feet suddenly itchy. Guess I just saw Air Asia offer but then where to get the cash to go. Almost all the cash reserve to pack angpow already. Time being I have one angpow from Boulevard, they call him "choy san yeh"

Bought you a rabbit same color as your bedsheet. The rabbit will sleep with you on your bed for a year until you kick it away down under the bed.

Till another time. Sinetron starting so I gtg.

End with a rainy day. Tonight sure nice to sleep cos cooling weather but I told myself I will be awake till 3am to update my blog.

**Raining** 25 Celcius