Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat - Virtual Tour

Visited The Banjaran today and I now understand why it is such an expensive choice for a retreat. The criteria of guests that are eligible to reserve a villa and enjoy its facilities are:

1) To be of age 16 and above
2) Must be filthy rich (just kidding). As long as you can afford it, you are eligible!

Being the first retreat to have a closer call to nature as well as enhancing the wellness of every being who resides within, The Banjaran is definitely a place which should not be missed by people who want experience nature more personally.

Let me take you on a virtual tour to the Retreat. This chance only come by once and unless you marry some millionaire who can afford to provide you with such luxury, you must keep on reading!!


I absolutely love the signs

This is the steps leading into the Meditation Cave. Could not snap so many pictures in the cave as I am having Corby Camera which does not have flash.

9pm! I wonder who will go there in the dark? Scary...

One and only photo of the interior of the Meditation Cave.

Huge leaves!!

The special pathway to Lost World only for Banjaran guests

Reflexology, anyone? Too bad they were cleaning the pond at that time and the fishes are kept away. I want to see some doctor fishes!

We actually have to cross the rocks to get across. Reminds me so much about the scene when Alice stepped on the human skulls to get across to the Red Queen's castle.

Dipping pool for tired feet.

The temperature of the thermal water for the day is recorded each day.

The best part of Banjaran is of course the spa and wellness centre. Everyone loves some pampering during a holiday!

The entrance. I was really excited to go in and have a look. We were told that only guests of age 21 and above can enjoy the treatments provided. I forgot the reason why.

The person in charge of the spa. The way she talked reminded me of Kristy, the trainer of the Biggest Loser Asia. Such strong Australian accent. =)

The Hydro Therapy Room. It feels oddly like a time machine to me. My brain thinks of funny things seeing new stuffs.

Colonic Hydro Therapy Room. The butler said it is used for cleaning the stomach. How? Too bad there wasn't time for a demo.

Ayurvedic Villa

TCM Villa. Can anyone guess what TCM stands for?

An area where guests rest after their therapy. Each guest can only choose one type of therapy per session. Imagine if they were to go through every kind of treatment, I wonder if their body is strong enough to endure all of it.

So therapeutic! I feel like staying here for a long time!

Water Villas. Flash flood has hit the villas! The 'flood' is hotspring water though it looks murky.

A mini waterfall

Another part of the villa that I like. Plunge pool for every villa. There are 25 villas in total so there are 25 of them, with a slight vary in size.

Entrance to haven! The Garden Villa

The Banjaran is so eco-friendly that every decoration in the resort is made from recycled items. As for this tissue box, if you look carefully, you can see some alphabets on it. Those are printings from magazines and newspapers!

The aroma of palm leaves is in the air! Every roof of the retreat is made entirely from palm leaves.

The open closet in the restroom of the villa

Jacuzzi with three types of waters to choose from the 3 taps: Thermal, geothermal or ordinary cold water. I still can't tell the difference between thermal and geothermal. Too lazy to search, so google it yourselves. Hehe.


The 7' by 7' king-sized bed with fluffy feathered pillows.

Vanity counter. There are two counters provided in each restroom of the villas. The women's counter will always have an extra table mirror for vain girls!

The view from Water Villa

Living up to its name, this cave can really make you perspire. Steaming you like a cha siu pao that are sold in dim sum restaurants. We went in and started sweating almost instantly. Wearing a blazer accelerates the perspiration process. The moment we came out and meet with the glaring sun once again, it felt like the outdoor had been air-conditioned. That was how warm the cave was.

Can you see the glittering stones beneath the sign?

I only see this in crystal shops! Now I finally saw it in the Crystal Cave.

The most beautiful part of The Banjaran is the crystal stars on the ceiling of the Crystal Cave.

Lining the walls of the cave. Beautiful!

Too gorgeous!


After the two hours tour around the retreat, we were served a refreshing drink at the reception. Didn't expect them to give us anything at all.

Thirst-quenching drink with unidentified mixed herbs inside. Delicious!

The limo of Banjaran

Time for farewell. When will be the next time we meet again? Ju Dee's wedding, perhaps? :-P

Exam will be in less than a month! Can't wait for the semester to be over.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I ♥ Penang!!

This semester is going to end pretty soon. Just one more week of lectures and I am off to take my sweet, sweet break. Exam will pass in a breeze (not to say that I can 100% pass all the papers but I know life wouldn't feel that tough to revise) and more time for rest.

The good news is, I will be heading off to Penang tomorrow for some fun! Someone very important is coming back and oh, how I miss you! Muaxie muax! I am very happy right now for a reason I am not sure of. Maybe it's the thought of Penang. I think I will not regret doing my training in the Pearl of the Orient since I love that place so, so much! Rasa Sayang, here I come.

I need to do something right now but I can't remember.

Oh ya, time to hang dry the blanket. I forgot.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sushi sushi

Sushi for lunch, anyone? Pretty good choice if you don't feel like eating much.

I love the plate. I would rather choose to order from Donburi than Sushi King. It's cheaper too! This plate cost only RM7.

Anticipating Saturday! Too happy to say anything more. Hehe...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First time in Jusco after so long

Finally got to meet up with Jo after two times of postponing our plan to watch movie together. Let's meet again before you leave for UK.

Alice in Wonderland is one movie that makes me want to watch it for the second time. Mom, quickly watch with me and remember to pay attention to Um. Haha! You will know what/who Um is when you watch the movie. Johnny Depp has got his usual unusual character like most of his films directed by Tim Burton as The Mad Hatter. He played the part real well. I can almost imagined him playing out this role even before watching Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and another two outstanding characters that remind me of Humpty Dumpty are Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Mom said I am in love with them. Yes, I am. Haha. See how funny they are fighting all the time even in front of the queen. That is what makes them amusing!

Ate Nissin Noodle for lunch. It's my all-time favourite. Thank you for the wonderful lunch, Joanna. Today's outing was much fun!

The AF season is back! Looking forward to their first concert although I don't know who they are. Last week, I watched the Tirai and Ain performed well in my opinion but she got mixed remarks. Sometimes I think the judges are not 100% correct. What is bad for their ears might be good and pleasant for the ears of another. No wonder singing is a form of art. It is subjective. Just like how I think Demi Lovato doesn't have a good singing technique and all her fans think she is perfect. I guess no one is a bad judge.

It's late and I should sleep now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Take a break

The darkest period of my life is about to be over. I am so glad.

Will be watching Alice in Wonderland with Joanna this Friday and I can't wait. Hope that our date will work out this time. Haha!

Feeling stressed out for so long and now it's time to take a good rest before finals.

I love the 'TAKE A BREAK MESSAGE' you sent me, mom. It did energized me by a little. It's the little things that lift me up. Thank you. :-D

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday blues

The weather is still as warm. I am going to get heat stroke soon. Can't wait to watch the 2-hour finale of The Biggest Loser Asia. How will David, Carlo, Aaron and Martha look like? I wonder if they could resist the food temptations back in their hometown. Let's wait and see.

All individual assignments have been completed except for the table of contents and the cover pages are not filled up. It's now time to kill the group ones. Life's tough. Gotta go to college at noon for some meeting and I need time to breathe. Mr. Harry is giving us a test today and we are supposed to show our points for Marketing assignment too. The grammar in the assignment question is so broken that I can hardly understand what I am supposed to find. One key point to people who set questions: Go and learn up proper grammar before attempting to set questions. Not everyone can understand your questions if your grammar is poor.

I'll stop ranting for now and leave some for another day.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Reality-stricken after a breakthrough

Back from an encounter with God (25th-28th Feb) and I have known Him even more. The three days in Bandar Utama had given me a lot of fruitful experiences which I will not have the chance to gain from anywhere. Albeit tired, I pulled through all the sessions with God's strength. Suffice to say, I am fully rejuvenated and have the passion in most things that I need to do right now. All thanks and praises go up to the Lord! Amen!!

The thing I hate about coming back to reality is that I have to face the problems that I don't have to during Encounter. Well, I should not be complaining. There are many people out there who want to be in my place instead of theirs (although I do not know who but I am convinced I am being envied somewhere in the whole wide world). Be grateful. Okay, I will try. :-)

Two assignments down and now I'm 'frying' my final 'recipe' for Hospitality Operations Management assignment. Hope it will end up DELICIOUS!

Treasure Madness is giving me super HUGE temptation. Why release the new maps now? Sigh. You got me digging up for treasures when I am supposed to kill those word counts.

P.S. Just want to say, I love you, mom. I think I haven't said that in a while. Muah!