Monday, November 29, 2010

Seremban trip and Final Final Exam

Last Friday, the whole family went down to Seremban to visit grandma. It's been a year since I last seen her.

At the age of 78, she is still very healthy and spends most of her time watching Korean dramas.

Eunice and grandma, after dinner at Jusco while queuing at the supermarket.

Me and grandma

We had pizzas for dinner that night. I mean loads of pizzas till we have to take away some for breakfast the next day. This was the first time I had pizza for breakfast.

We stay for a night at a Lotus Hotel which looks kind of homely but not that homely. I don't really know how to explain but it was definitely a thousand times better than the The Super Disgusting Hotel in Langkawi.

The telly and the toilet bowl

Bathroom door. When all lights were off except for the bathroom light, the door reminded me of a lantern during Mid-Autumn Festival. Feels like a night light too.

The exit door. I know, everything looks very purplish.

Came back on Saturday and I was beginning to feel the tension of the exam simply because I had not started revising.

Spent half my Sunday napping away due to stress. I don't know why I feel stressful. Maybe it's because I was overly excited and at the same time feeling surreal that this will be the last time sitting for final exam at college.

MONDAY (Today, the BIG DAY)

Slept at 2am the night before but managed to woke up at 7.40am. I surprise myself at times. All praise to God for the determination to wake up this morning.

Ju Dee told me to go to college at 9am to revise together but she came late.

Pretending to study with the NERDS sweets to boost memory capacity.

I had my share of Wonka Nerds Sweets too. They are very delicious. Thanks to these sweets, I could get through my final final exam with ease.

P.S. Ju Dee, buy some more when you go to Singapore. Hee hee!!!! Thanks for this box. I really want to finish everything but I pity you if you have to take home empty box. :P

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rojak November

I have not been updating my blog regularly, I know. Just too lazy and at times, I really don't know what to write. But today I am going to reveal some major happenings in my life these past few days.

First story: Crystle's tale

It's so horrible of me not to feature Crystle as often as last time but just so you know, she was having a bad experience with balding problem with the itch and rashes and all, so I mercifully took her out from my updates altogether till she gets better.

It took her months to recover from her ticks problem. It was entirely our fault for sending her to the vet later than we are supposed to. If only we have foreseen that the balding problem will follow suit if the ticks are not annihilated as soon as possible, she would have been able to kept her fur and keep making appearances for the past few months here.

Sorry, no pictures of the balding body. It's too ugly to be revealed. I think Crystle wouldn't want that if she can speak her mind.

Snapped on 18 November 2010. She is back to her happy self again!

Second shot

I ♥ this picture very much. One of the rare occasions when she actually looks at the camera.

Second story: Monopoly game sessions with mom and sis

Our (mom and me) first game together with handphone at stake!! (Just kidding. We don't gamble.)

The most coveted property of the board. Mayfair which rent can cost up to $2000 if a hotel is built on it.

Of course, we cannot end the game within the same day as we still have to do other things. So we played the same game for several nights in a row until the Banker is bankrupt (cash of $1 and $5 only can be seen in the bank). We are such great players that can afford to make the Banker goes BANKRUPT.

Third story: Breakfast at I Love Yoo, De Garden

The following are the events that happened today. Of course, what better way to start the day from the first meal of the day? IT'S BREAKFAST TIME, EVERYONE!!

If you are porridge lover, I think you will be salivating by now. I like the way they draw a star using soya sauce on the porridge. Look at the tempting yau char guai. Hmmm...

The larger picture.

Fourth story: At the hairdresser's for some periodic makeover

After breakfast, we hung around outside the closed/not-yet-open saloon because the owner was late. We waited for half an hour. Thank God we were not alone. There were four of us to accompany one another.

I don't know what this treatment is called but all I know is that through the mummification of the hair, the hair will volumise after that. By the way, that's mom's hair.

This is the result from the treatment. What do you think?

Fifth story: Lunch at Ding Hao, Jusco

Went to Jusco directly after beautifying our hair. As a matter of fact, I just trimmed. Nothing special, so no pictures.

The following pictures are three different kinds of dishes but they look the same.

Kam Heong Chicken Rice

Brinjal Rice. Eunice is always eating brinjal all the time.

Sambal Prawn Rice.

That's all for today. My final class ended last Friday and exam will be on Monday. My three years in college are well spent, I hope. The next challenge that I will embark on will be waiting for me up north. I put everything in God's hands. Can't wait to see His plans slowly unfolding in my life. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some Thai restaurant at 1U

Last Saturday I was at 1 Utama and we went to try out this Thai restaurant. I totally forgot the name but all I know is that it is situated next to a Japanese restaurant on the lower ground floor.

I like their tagline.

Tomyam fried rice. Tasted okay only.

Crab rice.

Pineapple rice. Quite delicious.

Irene and Tweety oops! I mean Eunice.

It's more than halfway through November! Have said eternal farewell to college assignments. What next?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ISPCA Food Fair and Deepavali

Went to the ISPCA Food Fair on Sunday (7 November) and I was expecting to see some dogs but sadly, there was none. No matter, I had tasty nasi lemak with ayam masak merah and black tea from 18°C. Didn't expect them to set up a stall.

I reminisced the time I was up there for choir last Christmas.

Look at the surroundings! A considerable large crowd for the morning.

And here's a picture of Eunice eating roti canai sandwich.

Say 'Cheese'!

Nasi lemak


Sold only at RM3 per cup. Normal price at RM2.50.

Performances, more of like self-defence demo.

That sums up my morning at the Food Fair.

In the afternoon, we went for Deepavali lunch at Uncle Electric Bus' house. Of course, the main attraction there is Brownie.

Look how big he has grown!

This is the only way Eunice can be in the picture with the dog. He is still scared like Scooby Doo.

Trapped behind the chair.

Brownie in motion with Baby scratching ears at the back.

And this is Brownie's brother. I present you....

CLIFFORD! Currently staying with a neighbour of Uncle Electric Bus.

Thank God for the good food we had that day. My first muruku this year.

Friday, November 05, 2010


The other day, I went to lunch with Irene and my sis. It's some Taiwanese place in town. Not sure how long it has been opened.

Taiwan burger. The bread is like 'mantao'. Inside, it is luncheon meat and cabbage (replacing the salad which is western). The portion is good enough for me.

And the best part of the new eatery is:

They serve the most authentic pearl milk tea. It absolutely tasted like nothing you get anywhere in the night market. No such thing as powdered form pearl tea there.

♥ it! So much pearls!! Yum yum!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ignyte Youth Outing on 30 October 2010

Once in a while, it is good to get out of the four walls and be closer with nature. That's what we, the Ignyte Youth members did! The outing to Taiping as well as to the first museum in Malaysia is a very good experience and a great escapade, especially the Armpit Banana incident.

The first thing we did as soon as we reached the park was to fill up the balloons with water.

It's seriously not easy to fill up balloons from tumblers as the balloons did not get enough pressure to expand as the water was filled in.

The game master, Chee Foo hugging the tree for don't know what reason.

Pastor Jenny at the back supervising us at work.

More air than water. Doesn't matter though.

Yi Kit with some of the balloons filled.

The duo teaming up to successfully fill up balloons with water.

The game started!

Pastor Jenny again - posing in this shot.

Interesting picture. Can you see what is so interesting about it? Pastor Jenny has a very nice pose!

Chee Foo said something wrong so he was hit!

After the game, we walked back to the parking lot for our next agenda - lunch. On the way, I saw a huge golf ball and decided to pose with it.

Let's go for a hike!

3-layered tea! Thirst quenching!

Popiah for lunch

The members eating. We were all so hungry.

Yummy yummy!

The sky got darker when we reached Perak Museum. Being the first museum that was built in 1886, it was absolutely a worthwhile visit for us who do not appreciate history. We learn to like history while we were there.

Looks a little bit like St. Michael.

The entrance


The following pictures were most of the artifacts displayed within the museum. According to the rules, photography was not allowed but we were all on a snapping spree! No one bothered to reprimand us for clicking, clicking and clicking all the way through.

Old drums

Some of the skeletal forms of animals

Felt like in Jurassic Park

Let's take a guess which animal this skeletal form belongs to.


Wild cat


I have never seen the skeletal form of an elephant. So this is how it looks like.

A cute furry animal which name I have forgotten.

The monkey family

Hey, wanna be friends?

Vampirish looking creature.

They look funny in an eerie way.

Mr. Beaver

The process of processing steel.

Traditional Indian food for Deepavali

Chinese New Year food for the Chinese

The Malay food during Raya

Puteri Perak's outfit

The skeleton of a python

The place where the king sits

Musical instruments:

After a while, we grew tired and sat down.

Eunice as the photographer


Finally, it's time to go home. Everyone had a great time dashing through the rain. Taiping is indeed a raining town. Thank God for the wonderful time we had. I think this is the post with the most number of pictures after six years of blogging. There's more in Facebook.

From my album: Perak Museum