Monday, November 29, 2010

Seremban trip and Final Final Exam

Last Friday, the whole family went down to Seremban to visit grandma. It's been a year since I last seen her.

At the age of 78, she is still very healthy and spends most of her time watching Korean dramas.

Eunice and grandma, after dinner at Jusco while queuing at the supermarket.

Me and grandma

We had pizzas for dinner that night. I mean loads of pizzas till we have to take away some for breakfast the next day. This was the first time I had pizza for breakfast.

We stay for a night at a Lotus Hotel which looks kind of homely but not that homely. I don't really know how to explain but it was definitely a thousand times better than the The Super Disgusting Hotel in Langkawi.

The telly and the toilet bowl

Bathroom door. When all lights were off except for the bathroom light, the door reminded me of a lantern during Mid-Autumn Festival. Feels like a night light too.

The exit door. I know, everything looks very purplish.

Came back on Saturday and I was beginning to feel the tension of the exam simply because I had not started revising.

Spent half my Sunday napping away due to stress. I don't know why I feel stressful. Maybe it's because I was overly excited and at the same time feeling surreal that this will be the last time sitting for final exam at college.

MONDAY (Today, the BIG DAY)

Slept at 2am the night before but managed to woke up at 7.40am. I surprise myself at times. All praise to God for the determination to wake up this morning.

Ju Dee told me to go to college at 9am to revise together but she came late.

Pretending to study with the NERDS sweets to boost memory capacity.

I had my share of Wonka Nerds Sweets too. They are very delicious. Thanks to these sweets, I could get through my final final exam with ease.

P.S. Ju Dee, buy some more when you go to Singapore. Hee hee!!!! Thanks for this box. I really want to finish everything but I pity you if you have to take home empty box. :P

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puiyun said...

Your grandma's so cute! She's watching korean dramas! Coolbeans! Good luck for your finals! -- too late, but good luck for when the results come out. =D

Fiona said...

Thanks!! Hehehe.. And you will not like it when I get angry in person. It's really ugly. :)

Cory Hecht said...

Thanks a lot for sharing such a lovely pics... Both of you are looking very pretty in that pics...