Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ate too much

Today will be my last day having 3-11 shift. Then starting from Friday, I will begin my walking routine once again. 10-6pm. Awesome shift because I get to have my lunch and dinner at the hotel.

My shift from 16-31 January:

16 Jan (Sun): 3-11pm
17 Jan (Mon): 3-11pm
18 Jan (Tue): 3-11pm
19 Jan (Wed): 3-11pm
20 Jan (Thu): OFF DAY!
21 Jan (Fri): 10-6pm
22 Jan (Sat): 10-6pm
23 Jan (Sun): 10-6pm
24 Jan (Mon): 10-6pm
25 Jan (Tue): 10-6pm
26 Jan (Wed): 10-6pm
27 Jan (Thu): OFF DAY!
28 Jan (Fri): 10-6pm
29 Jan (Sat): 10-6pm
30 Jan (Sun): 10-6pm
31 Jan (Mon): 10-6pm

My off day had been changed from Friday to Thursday for these two weeks. And I get off day on Thaipusam! Hehehe!!!

Yesterday was also not busy and there was a guest who called up about the Energising Massage promotion which I didn't know about the details. I was fortunate there was no female therapist available on the slot that he wanted so he didn't ask in detail about the treatment. Phew! I really need to learn everything from the menu, inside out. It's not easy though. I think the best way is to learn from my mistakes. :P

The dinner at the cafeteria was fantastic! They have my favourite ayam masak merah which made me went two rounds of rice. As a result, I got so bloated that I regretted a little for eating too much. Till when I came home to sleep, I still felt bloated. Actually up to now. I don't feel hungry at all!

Will go out to my new favourite Indian stall to get some bites. Yummy!

3 wrote a note:

sapphire blu said...

Dear Fiona:

Sunny day:)

Just finished cooking. simple dish though mix vegetables. I really changed about my eating habbits. I used to love deep fried dishes, example: fried ablolone mushrooms, chicken drumsticks and fillets. they were so yummy then... one day I had a shock of my life when my bp raised to 160/90.. phew... nearly got ammited to hospital with that type of bp already... then I swap my eating habbits.. I do not know what's my bp reading now but all I know is when I think of oily food I get shivered a little.

Yesterday I watched Baim Wong in Sejuta Cinta Marshanda with her ex gf Marshanda. Tho it was the first episode the story line don't have much oomph.... yet as he has not yelling or screaming in any scenes. Tonight Dia Jantung Hatiku will come to an end.. dup dap dup dap. Will not be following the new sinetron though Baim will be the hero. Watch too much of shows make my eye ball dancing and I can't have good night sleep.

Cny is just round the corner and guess what. I have not done any spring cleaning yet... Thought of cleaning the house I pretend to be so busy.. do this stuff ler do that ler.. actually I was just sitting around dreaming.

Funny!! I am not so hungry today. I usually have my lunch at 11 something but today I am just filling like bloated. What did I have for breakfast? Just an egg, a piece of bread and milo only... Only?? thats a lot for breakfast alone.

Still thinking about what you have, Ayam Masak merah woh... Don't tell me only few people love that dish. To me eating that daily for a month will never be bored. Just kidding where got people have that for meals daily. Will go bankrupcy in no time. chicken chicken and chicken..

Normally at this hour it will be raining or drizzling out there but where did the rain go today? Maybe it went to the west for vacation. How I wish I can have a good nice vacation and do not need to work for a month. Ridiculous thinking of all this. ooh ohhh something poking my stomach again. Need I call 999? Help? Help me an alien in my stomach troubling me... Jk. watched too much movie. ALIEN? Have anyone seen an alien before? Too much crap over here already. Better run far far away now before the owner of this blog turned blurr reading..

Will be here in your next post. Be good and don't sleep accidently while reading this short and brief comment of mine. Da da... see you soon. Will be here again got to run quickly before anything happens.

End with also a sunny day.

sapphire blu said...

Still sunny day on January 19, 2011

Am using someone's laptop but with her knowledge of course. Giving a test to the std 2 cuties. So my hands getting itchy thought jot down something here. Tomorrow your off day mah can read right. I am not sure if you will post or not tomorrow. Who knows you will be thinking of sleeping whole day. Off day woh. Not only that thinking of rest day on a public holiday. Herh..... Public Holidays?? So nice for you but I have no holiday over here. But good thing is I do not have to work today. I only work Monday - Wednesday time being until the increament of cuties. After cny perhaps.

Still no rain outside. Already made appointment with the rain but they are not here yet. If they don't arrive in minutes I hope they will only drop by midnight. That will be everyone's favourite. Such cozy weather. Who don't like right!!

Got to get back to the cuties soon. Wrote so much here but not much facts. Now you tube allowed certain uploaders to upload their shows longer than 15 minutes. I tried using that and it works but today the video jam halfway. Guess I have to use the old way again. Better than keep on cancelling the videos. All the precious time wasted just like that. Will be here again... See you. Be good don't stay up too late okay. Ishh. sure you won't today as you will be back only by midnight.

Me talking to Jacinda: okay okay!! just 5 seconds and the laptop is yours again. If you rush me my fingers will feel like breaking and I can't type well.. hehe

Till another time.. end here with a little gloomy day.

sapphire blu said...

Fine Day:

Found out two things just now.

1. Just found out from you that you will be working on your off day.
Feed back to you from me: I am happy as you can learn more from working.

2. Found out from your sis, Nick Chung coming to town this coming Saturday. Wow! wow and wow! I wonder if you can get a glimpse of him on that day. Maybe he will wait till you finish work. Who knows.

Watching Bukan Diriku as I write this brief and simple comment to you. The story is turning round and round like windmill. It will turn and turn non stop and next Monday will be the conclusion. What's next. Another new sinetron "Kejora dan Bintang"

Wondering what are you having for dinner now. I had the same dish as this afternoon or rather morning. "Mix vegetable"...

Aiks... computer not running smoothly why yea. Could it be I talk to much over here? Better stop before the whole pc hang.

Will continue to watch Bukan Diriku. Don't know why Ayla the girl said in tears "papa tak berhak ke atas apapun" Must concentrate. Till another time..

Sorry tabik tabik just now I deleted two comments. No eraser so have to delete. Forgive me ok!

End here with a fine evening.