Friday, January 07, 2011

The Bus That Never Comes

I was at home most of the time in the day and only went out to Gurney Plaza at 5pm. I had no problem going there as the bus arrived shortly after I waited. I took the 101 Rapid Penang and the driver stopped at the intersection between the road to Persiaran Gurney and Burma Road. Oh, so 10 does not stop in front of the plaza. I will take that into mind. Anyway, it was just a short walking distance to the complex.

I took my shoes to Key and Shoes Trading where they duplicate keys and repair shoes. The glue of the base of my court shoes seemed to be coming off so I asked the man if there was any way that will my make my shoes last longer. Then he told me that he would put some screws into the base and that would cost me RM15. I had to wait an hour for the shoes to be ready though. So to kill time, I went to eat at Gurney Drive.

The wan ton noodles was delicious!

Went back to the plaza at around 5.56pm and I tried my luck to see if my shoes were ready. Yes, they were! But I was slightly disappointed that he only charged me RM6. You must be thinking I was crazy to be disappointed over such a major discount. Well, if there was a discount, that meant he couldn't fix my shoes as planned. He said he could only put a screw on the right shoe so he couldn't guarantee how long that will last. It's all right though. I can always go back there to repair. :)

I faced yet another adventure while waiting for the bus back to Batu Ferringhi. I sat at the busstop in front of the plaza confidently thinking that a bus was SURE to pass by within minutes. After about ten minutes of waiting, a couple with a boy in a pram came and asked me whether the bus stop was where they should wait for a bus to Batu Ferringhi. Still being the confident me, I said yes and they waited together with me. There was a taxi driver who wanted to fetch the couple to Batu Ferringhi saying there was no bus to Ferringhi from where we were waiting. I began to suspect I waited at the wrong bus stop but I stayed put.

Half an hour passed. There was still no bus in sight.

I felt there was something wrong. It couldn't be that long. So I told the couple to follow me to the opposite of the road where the bus dropped me off and waited at the bus stop there. Sure enough, a bus came shortly. Praise the Lord for wisdom in taking the right bus at the right bus stop! :)

It was already 7.35pm when I reached the condominium. Phew! Finally!

I managed to capture this picture of Hydro Hotel because many foreigners got onto the bus from here. So the bus stopped quite long here. :)

Mom sent me this picture of Crystle. Why does she look so much cuter now? Is it because I have not seen her for a week? Probably so. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

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