Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Orientation starts after one week of training.

I got Orientation for two days (today and tomorrow) so that means I only resume work on Thursday. Tomorrow we will tour the hotel. So excited!!! Got to know about the Orientation only after I came back from work last night so it was pretty last minute.

Here's what I had for lunch.

Spaghetti + chicken wing + some long beans

I had chicken rice and two fried chicken wings. Yummy. I forgot to snap picture. Will snap what I eat daily starting from tomorrow onwards. Please don't get tired of reading my blog, okay?

After the Orientation at the locker room

I got used to walking daily to and from work. I can feel myself healthier now. I go swimming now too.

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Never Ending Story said...

hi hi dropping by to see what's for lunch.. and oh my, it looks really yummy. everyday hotel food. everyone's dream. snap snap and snap more of what you eat.. will be running here again soon.. da da