Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anyone would like to have a 5-course meal for lunch on this auspicious day?

The tension is building up and I hope I can work better under this condition. I know I have posted a big, fat personal note about this on MSN but let me just do it once more in my blog, okie?

Now here's the announcement.

Date: 8 August 2008 (Friday)
Time: 12.oo p.m.
Venue: Olympia College Ipoh

So what's the occasion? There will be a 5-course meal (every course prepared by me and my group members respectively) served and if you are interested, you can leave me a comment here/sms/call/email me. The set lunch is charged at only RM20 per person. We are only preparing for a table for FOUR so the earlier you inform me, the better your chances will be to be able to get a seat.

The menu

Appetizer - Crab Cakes
Soup - Chilled Cucumber Soup
Sorbet - Strawberry Sorbet
Main course - Grilled Chicken with Orange Sauce
Vegetable - Broccoli with Mango and Capsicum Salsa
Dessert - Cherry Tart with Whipped Cream

So what is your decision?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Joker rocks the show!

Still coughing like crazy today except for the hours when I was at church. It's really a wonderful thing to be in the house of God because all the pains and sicknesses that I have seems to go away and will never come again. Praise God for that. =)

I've watched The Dark Knight today and I would say that it's really not bad. I really loved the scenes when the Joker appeared.

Why so serious?

Do you know how I got this scar?

Let me put a smile on that face.

He is just so funny in a creepy way. It's so sad to know that it is his final movie. If only he were to be still alive.

Just bought the ingredients to try out the soup for the food project. I just hope I don't mess things up on that day. The soup is really simple to make as it does not involve heat or pot. All I need to do is just to whiz everything together in the blender and chill it before it is ready to be served. So, what is the name of the soup? I will reveal it later when I have made it successfully.

The cross-stitch project is still under construction as I have been feeling lazy as usual. Procrastination often gets the better of me and I am still wondering why. I hope the picture will be completed before 2008 waves goodbye. I will try my best to complete it before next year, I promise.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The aftermath of Trailblazer

I've been getting sore throat, fever, eye irritation and cough this week. Now I am getting better which is a good thing.

I wonder how Ju Dee and Bih Tong did in their Food Studies project. Hope they did a good job. So sorry for not going to college to support you all. Was too lazy to wake up early. I can't wait to hear all about it on Monday.

There is no more practical class on Friday as last week was our final one which we made cream puffs. Too bad no pictures were taken. Or else, there would definitely be a post about it.

On another note, I wish Sapphire Blu have a safe journey to Sabah and remember about the souvenirs. Take extra care of yourself and love you always. Muaxie muax!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Trailblazer 2008

Trailblazer on Saturday was fun.

Look at how large the money was (We were given $5 at the start of the day). I think they were afraid that we might lose it throughout the challenges so the organizing committee deliberately enlarged it.

On another note, yes, I had chopped off my hair.

The two-dollar bill.

One dollar bill.

Bih Tong and I are rich with money. She said that it was 'munny' (the kind of money that you can earn in fluffbook in Facebook).

Another shot before the challenges started.

We were divided into our clusters and these are my group members!

We were in the CREAM (the colour of the shirt we wore) CLUSTER!

Can you spot me?

This picture was taken after the results were announced and unfortunately, our cluster only managed to get second place. The Blue Cluster got to go to Papan for their final challenges (to fight for RM10,000) but anyway, we got back the money we earned throughout the game in real cash! Yes, they converted for us. It's only RM10 per person, but it's really a good feeling to get back our money.

There's also a goodie bag for everyone. The contents were:

  • A February 2008 Galaxie magazine
  • A complimentary ticket to watch movies with (*) label in any Golden Screen Cinemas
  • A voucher to get a free regular-size Domino's Pizza
  • A pen with four different ink colours
  • A notebook courtesy of Maybank
  • A newspaper article with Trailbazer news a day before (18 July 2008)
  • An environment friendly bag from Blackmores

After a really, really tired day.

Our team tag: The Challengers was supposed to be the correct spelling.

I think I am starting to fall sick. Going to take some panadols before I leave for college later.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Khairul is so curious to know what sort of bad things I said about him.

I've finally managed to gain access to Crunchyroll.com once again after changing the mother board of the pc. Now I can continue watching my favourite dramas/movies/animes online (I know there are better sites but I still love Crunchyroll <3).


There's this guy in college named Khairul who wished to see what I am trying to lie/talk/crap about him. This is for you.

A note to Khairul:

"..................... ........... ........................ ..... ........................!"

Can you figure out what that is?

Okay. That's all I wrote about you. Are you sure you really saw an evil grin on my face? It's not a grin, just a very wide smile. =D

P/S: By the way, the dots are neither symbols or any sort of secret code. Khairul just got pranked.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lunch at Ritz

Today's lunch was special because we don't have to eat at our regular place, the VEGETARIAN SHOP. Want to take a guess where we ate? It's at Ritz Recipe/Garden (whichever way you prefer to call it)

I had many rounds of yummylicious food and some of the food pictures can be seen from Ju Dee's blog.

Our group picture after the meal.

Well, not everyone was in the picture. Some of them are too bloated to be in the picture. Haha. I am so mean.

Now it's time to prepare an evaluation about the level of service and some other criterias about our 'lunching' experience there. I'd probably say that everything is good since the food is delicious.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bread pudding and Sweet Pastry

We made sweeter stuffs as the weeks go by. Ju Dee bought a new camera so I am promoting the quality of her 7.2 megapixels pictures here.

This is the soaking-and-squeezing process of the soggy bread.

It's not at all a pretty sight but something that looks gross like this can turn into something so beautiful and delicious.

Mixing in all the ingredients.

Before baking it in the oven.

Meanwhile, Ju Dee is catching up what she missed out in last week's class.

She was feeling so proud after sieving the flour.

The crusts before they are baked.

Ding! The bread pudding is finally ready.

The crusts being baked before the filling is added in.

Time to tuck in, everyone!

Peachy and creamy

More alien designs courtesy of Ju Dee and us.

That's all about our cooking practical on Friday.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


One zit popped out right after the wine-tasting session today. This is one of the main reasons I will try to avoid wines. Especially red wines.

This is my evaluation after tasting the white wine, sparkling rosé wine and red wine.

Smells sourish and tasted sour too. The colour is sweet like honey but it definitely does not taste like one.

Classy and is ladies' favourite. I like it.

I used to hate it but now I am learning (really, really hard) to like it. Very strong aroma and I can taste the tannin.

All of us tasting the wines. Nick and Ju Dee got drunk by the end of the day.

So what else did we learn today? We learn how to pour the wines for guests and the most appropriate way to open the wine bottles in front of the guests using the Waiter's Friend.

I forgot to snap a picture of the wine opener a.k.a. the Waiter's Friend but just for you to know, it's really a useful tool to open the bottles sophisticatedly.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Wine-tasting day is tomorrow!

Went to the wine shop just now to have a look-see and miss bought 2 bottles of table wines and a bottle of sparkling wine. Want to know whether they taste excellent/good/mediocre/horrid? I'll just have to wait till tomorrow to find out.


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Chicken Pies and Mushroom Vol-au-vents.

Yesterday's menu:

Chicken pie and mushroom vol-au-vent

Chicken pies from Group A

From Group B with additional 'flowers' on top

The crusts before the filling is added in.

Mushroom vol-au-vent without the mushrooms.

I drew some stars but they were not visible after baking.

There were not enough dough so this chicken pie has no cover.

Eh, where did the mushrooms come from?

Group C made this. It's special because our group is the only group with an uncovered pie.

Finally, all assignments have been completed. Now it's time to worry about the Food Project and exams.