Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More trees killed

Been gone for about a week because I was online almost all the time yet do not feel like typing anything. Hence, the lack of updates. Deepavali break comes to an end too soon. Sigh. I wanted to eat more curries but did not have the chance to 'accidentally stumble' upon any Hindu friends' houses. I only went to one and only house on the second day of Deepavali (last Monday) and there, I met with two lovely doggies.

Meet Spotty and Baby.

This is Baby. She is so fat and makes a fine pillow. She sleeps and eats most of the time.

When I first wanted to touch her, she was very cautious and attempted to bite me (for real or not, I am still not sure). Luckily my reflex was fast enough.

He is Spotty. Compared to Baby, he has less spots. His head looks very different from his body, you know, like they are not suppose to belong to each other. He enjoys having his ears being pulled to a certain extent. He treats Baby like his own sister because he does not hump on her. Or it might be the fact that Spotty finds Baby too fat.

He was friendlier and easier to approach during our first meeting.

So that was the highlight of Monday. For the rest of the week, I watched movies and do the daily stuffs. So boring yet so interesting.

All individual assignments have been handed up! Now it's time to kill the group one. Let's mourn for the dead trees as I will be using more and more papers to prevent from failing practically every semester. Why they make assignments so important for gradings, I have no idea.

Can someone please enlighten them about Mother Nature??

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Assam Fish Curry and Chicken Soup. Yum yum♥

Lack of inspiration for update, hence, the pictures of the dinner that I cooked last night.

Assam fish curry

It was supposed to be more sour but turns out to be sweet. I think the overflowing amount of ingredients caused it. It's still scrumptious!!

Chicken soup. Makes you crave for another bowl. =)

Break is ending pretty soon. Back to college. Sigh.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Loneliness can be awesome

My mind is so cluttered with many things right now so this shall be a post typed non-chronologically.

I have always loved being home alone. I don't know. Maybe I just want to have the house to myself once in a while. Have fun in Singapore for the two missing people at home and remember to buy souvenirs. To mom, I miss you already. I can't wait for November 7 to come by. Till we meet again in reality. Time being, we are only going to meet in words online and offline - sms/call. I wish I have 3G function in my phone now. Maybe it's time to get a new phone *hinting dad to give me money to buy new phone* =P

This morning when I was at the bus station, I saw Pastor Don and Angelina waiting for their bus to KL. It's so unusual to see them wearing so casual. Too used to seeing them wearing formal in church that I have never imagined them wearing casuals.

The accident on Thursday made me have the desire to turn back time and started thinking of all the what-ifs. What if I had let her reverse first before I did? What if I stayed behind in college just for another minute or so? What if I didn't drive at all that day? It's all useless because I cannot change the fact that it had happened.


Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends!

Sorry for the late wishing. Please invite me to your open house if you see this post. Haha!! =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

O'Nite and Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!

The annual Orientation Night of Olympia College was held at Royal Ipoh Club two days ago (10/10/09). I pretty much enjoyed myself except for the fact that our food are 'robbed' from us too soon, even before we were able to finish it.

There are many pictures but I am lazy so I am only posting a few here. The rest are posted in Facebook.

Table number 15

Soup of the day. A little too salty.

Now here is the salty soup and the sourish bread.

Some fried chicken with hash brown and cold vege. Not tasty at all. The chicken contained too much fat.

At that time, we planned to stop eating as we were going to perform later but one of the waitresses insisted that we finish our course there and then as she wanted to serve the dessert. I was imagining the dessert to be the size of a dinner plate so she needed the space to serve them. So, we gobbled as much as we could and the dessert was served.

This made me got so mad. Where is the dinner-plate-sized dessert?

It's even smaller than the coffee cup.

Speaking of coffee, they cleared the cups even before we finish them. We went up on stage, leaving the coffee on the tables and when we got down back to to our tables after the performance,


... the coffee cups are all gone. So maddening!

Pat and I. I tried to make you less Bella Cullen like and I think I did a pretty good job.

But in this photo, I didn't manage to. Hi, Mrs. Cullen!

Stephanie Tun. She was one of the candidates for Miss Olympia 2009.

The night ended with a blast and I captured a video of Patricia and Suren dancing!

After the night when I got home

I looked tired. Indeed I was.


Today is your special day. Hope Mr. D will leave you soon.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The ugly side of foie gras

This is the story behind the delicious and luxurious foie gras that you eat at restaurants.

Tell me, can you not feel anything after watching that video?

Money IS indeed the root of all EVIL. The people who do not care for the feelings of the ducks are no different from serial killers who go on a rampage killing. Even the latter seems to be more innocent. At least they do not torture their victims before slaughtering them unlike the breeders of geese/ducks who force-feed them + torture them by squeezing them into tiny cages so they cannot move and finally die suffering from the liver disease. And the diseased livers are sold as a delicacy in restaurants to ignorant patrons.

Wake up, people! Foie gras is disgustingly inhuman. I have never tried and WILL never attempt to eat this disgusting delicacy. I don't want to enjoy at the expense of the ducks. That would have made me cruel as well.

The world does not need foie gras. If only I had the power, I would ban its production for good.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Meeting up. Set lunch event.

It was planned that we were to meet during the Raya break but in the end, we met up one week later. We watched The Perfect Getaway together and managed to sort of guess what would happen next. It was a good movie. Then we walked and walked till we decided to find somewhere to sit and continue catching up with each other.

Take one. My hair's almost gone in the picture. I don't care. I must snap another one.

Take two. Better! But Joanna was not ready. Come back to Ipoh soon and we shall get a perfect shot! Hehe!!

It's amazing we can still keep in touch after leaving school for quite some years. Let us keep it up for another ten years or so and see how it goes.

The next day was another meet up with another friend, Ei Leen. I have known her since Standard One. One fine day while I was sitting alone in the canteen, and there came her parents approaching me and we have been friends ever since. That's a good 14 years of friendship although there is a nine years gap of not seeing each other. The last time I saw her was when she was 13.

And here we are, both 21 and looking dashing in our own ways (ahem, narcissism again!) taking interest in different fields, meeting up again after so long. Indeed, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


The set lunch today was the most tiring one. I serve plus clean today. I am having a bad feeling that this will be our final set lunch. If the future ones will be having MIA members like today, it'll be disastrous. We took less orders this time round so it was at least manageable. Not many complaints aside from comments such as "too little gravy but the chicken is nice...." (luckily there's always a 'but' after the negative remark).

The main course with rice topped with egg, fries, chicken with Rooney's special home-made sauce, salad with mayonaise and the vege I hate so much.

The desert. Konnyaku jellies which I spent my entire Sunday night on with three slices of watermelon.

Time to catch up with Alice in wonderland. Zzz.