Saturday, July 30, 2011

Prangin Mall Outing

Went for a movie today and it was indeed an interesting movie. Funny yet touching at the same time. Bought a popcorn and a bottle of mineral water too and I couldn't finish it. As a matter of fact, I just finished the popcorn just now. It was just too sweet.

My sweet popcorn. RM6.20 set.

Oh did I mention I got free pantyliners given to me as soon as I walked into Prangin Mall? Guess I will be giving them to my sister. Hehe..

My early dinner at 4pm just now before going to church.

Char Koay Teow! RM3.50 only!

The sermon today was by Mr Lee Wee Min, the Regional Director of Focus on the Family. It was very interesting and he can be humourous at times. He also shared with us this poem by Linda Ellis, The Dash.

This video is very inspiring and it makes you think a lot about life.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Perfect Rivals

It's been two weeks since I started working and I got my first pay slip! It's not much but I am still happy to get my very first salary. :)

Tomorrow will be my off day and will most probably go and watch this movie entitled Perfect Rivals. The review seems good.

I am interested in watching this movie because of the familiar faces!

Hope tomorrow will be a good day! Please don't rain! I need to walk!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Frozen Ice-Cream and Flooding Marketplace

I had a strange dream this evening while I was taking a nap. I could have remembered all the details better if I had written it down right after I woke up but I did not so here was a brief version of what actually happened in my dream.

I was in a place where there were a lot of people. Sitting on the floor at a desk, my bro and sis were there and she bought me 4 scoops of strawberry and blueberry (2 scoops of each) frozen ice-cream. I knew it was ridiculous because ice-cream was already frozen and there was no need to repeat the word 'frozen' in its name. But that was what my sister said it was. Then I saw my parents too and my sis said she got to go and it seemed she was going to drive back from Penang to Ipoh.

I got distracted at some point and then I forgot to eat the frozen ice-cream. The curious thing was, no matter how long I left it on the table, it did not melt. Then I tried to call my sister, in my head realizing that she could be driving at this point of time but I went ahead and dialed. I asked her why didn't the ice-cream melt and she said frozen ice-cream was like that. They just don't melt easily. I started eating the ice-cream, savouring it bit by bit and then caught sight of the receipt of the ice-cream. It was RM35 something. Could not remember the cents behind it. I told my sis that it was so thoughtful of her to buy me such expensive ice-cream and she replied frozen ice-cream was expensive.

Then I was walking along the corridor outside where I was sitting enjoying the ice-cream and reached a marketplace. People were busy shredding and cleaning shrimps and in the process of doing so, the liquid from the shrimp started raining on me because too many people were hurling their shrimps in the air while cleaning them. There was another lady who was slicing five red chilies at a time using a queer equipment with 5 holes in it and a knife along it. Brilliant thing invented to slice chilies quicker I should say though I was not sure if it would really work in real life.

Then I exited the market place and then found the floor at the entrance flooded. I went out and then reached one corner by a flight of stairs and saw a police officer clad in white uniform began to fall asleep on my white pair of slippers. I told him to get up and said the slippers might suit his uniform but it did not suit him. His expression was of a mixture of shock and surprise, a little bit of anger too I supposed. Then I told him he should not be sleeping because the marketplace was flooding (which I knew was a lie because only the entrance was flooded actually). He quickly got up and went to the marketplace. On the way there, I saw that my table (where I was eating frozen ice-cream just now) was flooded and the flood consisted of liquid from the shrimps. I went to my table and got my laptop speakers which were on the floor up to the table but the liquid was rising at an incredible rate.

I woke up after that. Weird dream, huh? The best part of it was, I could still remember the taste of the frozen ice-cream till now. Yummy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheat post

First day at work and I feel strange. Everything seems kind of complicated. But I have a good mentor so she makes me feel my day is not too stressful after all.

Gone for a medical check-up after work and I hope all will be well.

Nothing to say for now. See ya! I know this post cheats people. :P

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Funny Interpretative Dance

This video makes me laugh! It's not easy to dance the lyrics of a song out.

Careless Whisper with David Armand.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another chapter of my life. The Working World.

It is time for me to face the fact that I am not a student anymore (although I will still be using my student card to purchase movie tickets as it only expires in 2013). I am slightly scared but mostly excited at the same time because at long last, I will be earning my own money. It's not much but good enough for a first job. :)

Work starts on Monday and the next trip back to Ipoh is still unknown. During the past six months, I have the freedom to claim my public holidays to come back but this is not the case when I am now a permanent staff.

I have had a long break! Time to work hard!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Pig Pig 猪 finally for sale!

If you have watched 花花世界花家姐, you would have known the famous Pig Pig 猪 in the series.

A scene from the drama depicting the pigs.

The whole family for sale at the price of RM125. Each is 20cm in height and the whole set weighs about 0.5kg.

I am only interested in the the purple one.

Cute or not?

For more inquiries, please click here for more info on the Pig Pig 猪!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Elly was being a bully!

Elly can be a little overwhelming at times and I can see that she enjoys bullying Elsa. Sometimes I think Elsa is being threatened when she does not dare to get the toy back from Elly. What was the threat about, I wonder?

See how Elly gets the toy most of the time without Elsa fighting back.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Went to an optical shop the other day and sis and I went to try on the shades.


Eunice likes this shot

Eunice tried on white-framed one too.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Bobby, the newcomer for a night.

Last night, there was a visitor named Bobby. She's actually neighbour's puppy and we puppy-sat for her. It's funny that she has a male name.

Eunice and the pup. She is one mischievous puppy.

Tiny little thing.

She's so tiny that I can carry her like carrying a baby.

The only picture of me and Bobby.

Look at her ghostly eyes.

Getting drowsy.

She is even smaller than the size of my sister's palm.

We tried making her ears stand. She did look a bit like a chihuahua.

Sis enjoying photo-shooting with her.

She soon got tired and went to sleep on the sofa.

There will be many shots of her sleeping after this so there will be no captions on her sleeping photos.

Pinky paw!

The sofa was not so good. Sleeping on human thigh better!

Aww, such a cute baby!

Hey, Bobby! Meet Elsa!

Communicating in dog language.

She got scared and hid in between my legs.

Elsa wondering what Bobby is doing.

They got along pretty well.

Elsa watching Bobby.

A beautiful picture of Elsa.

I brought Bobby with me to bed last night. My first time having a dog in my room. She didn't want to sleep on the floor so I put the towel on my bed and she slept there. Throughout the night, she nibbled my ears, hands, legs and even the towel. The cutest thing was when she went to a corner and left some 'gold' there. She knew how not to mess up her sleeping place.

Below are some videos of her screaming.

Attention-seeking Bobby!

When she was locked up this morning. She kept crying and crying. Very naughty. There's also one scene when she bit the cage.

Too lazy to do report but still have to. Sigh.