Sunday, July 03, 2011

Bobby, the newcomer for a night.

Last night, there was a visitor named Bobby. She's actually neighbour's puppy and we puppy-sat for her. It's funny that she has a male name.

Eunice and the pup. She is one mischievous puppy.

Tiny little thing.

She's so tiny that I can carry her like carrying a baby.

The only picture of me and Bobby.

Look at her ghostly eyes.

Getting drowsy.

She is even smaller than the size of my sister's palm.

We tried making her ears stand. She did look a bit like a chihuahua.

Sis enjoying photo-shooting with her.

She soon got tired and went to sleep on the sofa.

There will be many shots of her sleeping after this so there will be no captions on her sleeping photos.

Pinky paw!

The sofa was not so good. Sleeping on human thigh better!

Aww, such a cute baby!

Hey, Bobby! Meet Elsa!

Communicating in dog language.

She got scared and hid in between my legs.

Elsa wondering what Bobby is doing.

They got along pretty well.

Elsa watching Bobby.

A beautiful picture of Elsa.

I brought Bobby with me to bed last night. My first time having a dog in my room. She didn't want to sleep on the floor so I put the towel on my bed and she slept there. Throughout the night, she nibbled my ears, hands, legs and even the towel. The cutest thing was when she went to a corner and left some 'gold' there. She knew how not to mess up her sleeping place.

Below are some videos of her screaming.

Attention-seeking Bobby!

When she was locked up this morning. She kept crying and crying. Very naughty. There's also one scene when she bit the cage.

Too lazy to do report but still have to. Sigh.

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