Sunday, May 29, 2005

another burnt day..

i did nothing..all i did was watching tv and visiting my dear internet which i considered as nothing..i know i should be completing my homework now but the temptation is just far too great that i gave in..

the rain's pouring heavily outside i wish i can go out and play..silly me..but i want to get sick!! getting sick means a lot to me..

  1. i get to sleep
  2. skipping tuition classes
  3. dream of beautiful dreams
  4. reason to delay my homework and folio
  5. sleep...sleep...and SLEEP!!

how wonderful and blissful life can be just by being sick..

exam's over and you know what this means??

SPM's getting nearer....!!!!!!

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dr1/6 said...

you don't need to be sick to be able to not do your homework, sleep, skip tuition etc. i know i feel healthy~ :)

cheers ;)