Wednesday, September 27, 2006

happy birthday, ei leen!

This very post is dedicated to my pal whom I've not seen for a long, long time.

Ei Leen,
Happy 18th birthday!
Enjoy your life in Sheffield and wish you all the best in life.

Monday, September 25, 2006

brain mutation..

I hate Mondays. I especially hate today for the assembly lasted for 45 minutes! Can't they just reserve some of the announcements for another day? Or if they really can't, something drastic should be done to the speeches...=)

The topics for MUET discussions today:

  • Men are better drivers than women (I was in the proposing team.)
  • Men are better leaders than women (Oh, shoot! No more proposing as we swapped with the other team. A very lopsided topic-dificult to oppose..tsk..)

The result? My group LOST...!! The result was predictable though. With me in the group, being the never articulate and senseless speaker I am, it'll be a wonder we would win.

I messaged X and she replied. Apparently I was being the sensitive one. She's not ignoring me. It's just that she's busy preparing for her exam. Well, I should be doing the same right now. But what is wrong with me? I need to tune my brain into the right channel. The studious channel.

I am still the same girl as I have been all these years. If anyone notices anything about the change in my style in writing, I bet it's good news. I didn't notice anything different as I am still using my same, good old brain which comes in a package with me since birth. Could it be a ....


Fellow scientists out there! Come and inspect my newly-mutated brain!! :P

Saturday, September 23, 2006

toast and honey..

I love the fasting month so much because I get to go home early every single day starting from Monday. =)

Ten came today and the number decreased to only five later because the Muslims had to go to the mosque. The only thing we did today was reading the budget for 2007 and nothing else. I've never seen a longer speech than this. A speech so rich in statistics and percentages and other information that seriously work better than sleeping pills. I fell asleep after reading halfway. Correction: Not halfway, I should say, barely a quarter is more accurate. The only source of entertainment was Kevin who clowned himself in front of the class. He pretended to be a pimp daddy with a dozen of hot chicks. (the chicks here refers to the yellow, fluffy ones. Everyone thought he was referring to the other kind of chicks. LOL!!). And not to forget the music from the military band below the class. They played really good although it was a little too loud.

I don't know what's wrong but X is not talking to me. Throughout the whole of the two periods during maths, we did not speak a word to each other. She looked gloomy. Could it be my fault? I bid her goodbye after the lesson and she did not respond. I guess I have to find a chance to talk to her personally.

Had dinner at Kopitiam just now. I ordered a Hong Kong style toast which tasted good. Poor Marrybrown! The front of the shop has been 'conquered' by Kopitiam too as they occupied the space with chairs and tables.

Nice toast with a cube-like butter on the top.
With honey too!

I was telling my dad that i should have ordered a glass of plain iced water so that I could make myself some iced honey drink and I will only pay for the cost of the plain water. Haha. Brilliant idea but it was a total waste I thought of it too late.

One In A Million finally came to an end with Suki being the newly declared millionaire. A millionaire at the age of seventeen! How crazy can the world get? I have barely two thousand in my account at that age! Anyway, congrats to Suki! May all the best come in her way.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Tomorrow, I will give all of you a test. Well, that was what my maths teacher told the class yesterday and yet I proudly came and sat for the test UNPREPARED when I know very well I should have prepared.

First question was on partial fractions. I knew that question! Or maybe not. I did the division and I got stuck. Hanging the answer in the air.

Question 2: Solving the inequalities. *head scratching* The equation apparently couldn't be factorised. Mystery. My mistake probably.

The third question: Not another one on polynomials! *faints* (brain froze and proceeded to read the final question).

The finale: The worst was here. I am confidently sure that I scored zero for this one. Complex numbers. Very complex indeed. I could no longer think as my brain was frozen. Too much of brainfreeze juices, perhaps. It's weird though, because I did not have any in the 24 hours before I sat for the test.

Maybe it's this dessert. It's just impossible as I ate that 2 last week. The effect should have gone by now.

The effect of brainfreeze ice-cream lasts longer.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

i updated!!

It wasn't a good idea to go to school on a Saturday as everyone would be having the expression written I-am-not-interested-and-I-wanna-go-home on their faces. Not only the students, though. One down, two more to go! There was also an unpleasant drama to watch in class which i do not wish for it to happen again in future lessons. It was just terrible to experience it. Fear was present. The monstrous form was definitely not in right mind to think of making such a scene in front of everyone present in class. A poor girl became a victim of his loud and unnecessary thunderous voice measured approximately a few thousands Hz.

The Era Awards Show this year was a blast. The theme for this year was 'Denim and Leather' so every star was donned in clothings of such materials by well known designers. Amber Chia made special appearances during the fashion shows at intervals. Fortunately, no one tripped and fell. The runway actually looked slippery.

Sarah's leaving on Tuesday and I wonder when I'll be seeing her again. A special line here dedicated just for her: Have a safe journey to Moscow and enjoy all that life has to offer. =). I'll continue my noble duty to bombard your mailbox with all the interesting mails that you like.