Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To the beach!

Orientation was over! We had mi goreng mamak for breakfast and it was so addictive! I took two plates.

I don't usually eat noodles like this but this was too delicious! How do they cook everything till so tasty? I really wonder.

Not long after that, we had lunch.

Ayam percik (I think) and some rice and vege.

More talking after lunch time and then it was later in the evening that we get to go to some parts of the hotel such as Chi The Spa (the department I am currently in), Rasa & Garden Wings rooms, as well as Spice Market Cafe (SMC). I was shock to learn about the seafood buffet cost around RM151 per pax in the cafe. Freaking rich people!!!

Something that I did not anticipate to get after the orientation. A certificate! Such a beautiful cert!

Later in the evening after work. Went to the beach in front of Golden Sands Resort with my trainee friends!

RM50 just to ride on the speed boat. I saved my money and walked along the beach only with other girl friends while the guys went and tried out the speed boat.

First time sitting at the beach till sunset. It's lovely.

Dusk is here.

Two of my new friends from KDU College. Lynn (left) and Bernice (right).

Tomorrow I will go back to Spa department after two days of absence (3-11pm shift). I hope I still remember my duties. Hehehe!!!

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sapphire blu said...

I was thinking what will you be having today for bfast lunch or dinner and when I saw that mi goreng mamak i don't have to try and my saliva drooping again everyday also same case. How I wish i could taste some of that. I think i can easily finish 3 plates of the yummy mi goreng mamak... must dream of having that for breakfast tonight. hehe