Sunday, January 02, 2011

Adventurous first Sunday in Penang

My mission to go to church this morning was an adventurous one. I took the bus from Batu Ferringhi to Burma Road where Wesley Methodist Church was located. The fare was supposed to be RM2.70 but the bus driver was so kind and said RM2 was enough. Praise the Lord. I was thinking it was great getting a discount but God truly knew what was about to happen next. So the bus went along the road and passed Burma Road but I still could not see the church.

It was 10.59am then. The service was supposed to start at 11am. I got panicked and asked the driver where the church was and he said I missed it. I looked around and saw Penang Christian Centre but decided not to get down because their service had already ended. Prior to that, I have checked that the service at Penang Christian Centre starts at 9am.

Then I asked if I could get down at one point and the bus driver said I couldn't because it was a one-way street and no bus will go to Burma Road from there. He was very helpful to tell me to take a bus from Komtar. Thank God for the helpful driver. :D

In the end, I managed to get a bus at 11.16am from Komtar and the fare was RM1.40 (I think that was why I got a discount in the first place. God knew that I would get lost.) This time, I became smarter. I asked the driver to tell me when he sees the church. I kept a lookout at the same time though. Then I saw it.

The name 'WESLEY METHODIST CHURCH' was so obvious in one of the buildings along the road and I got off happily. It was 11.30am. Praise the Lord for I was only half an hour late. I almost dashed through the lawn into the main sanctuary and realised something was amiss. It was the language. I remembered clearly that I checked online there would be an English service on. But this was Hokkien service! I sat down anyhow with my head full of question marks. Did they change the services without updating in their website?

The sanctuary where the Hokkien service was held. I found out not long later that the traditional services are held here.

During offering time, I asked the usher whether there was an English service going on somewhere and she said yes. She said it was in another building and off I went in search of the building. It was already 11.50am then. I found the building and the service was held on the second floor of the kindergarten block.

Finally, I reached my destination. :D

The ride home was uneventful. I came home and then went out again with Ju Dee to take care of our stomachs and other necessities.

Our home for six months.

Tomorrow I am finally reporting to duty. I wonder which department I will go first. Lord, give me strength for the long hours of work. Amen.

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sapphire blu said...

read already lor. try going more to hokkien service you will soon learn to speak good hokkien in no time. waiting for your next post tomorrow.