Sunday, January 09, 2011

The shower head has a hole now!!!

There was an issue at work today. A therapist called in sick an hour before a treatment was supposed to start. Everyone got into a state of panic as there was no other therapists available during that time. Fortunately, the situation was resolved when some guests after being talked to, agreed to adjust their appointment time and some even cancelled last minute. Praise the Lord.

Walked back from work with Ju Dee and Bernice and we went for a swim after that. It was just fantastic. The pool was a haven! Then when I came back and showered, the shower head came off and now all I can see was a hole in the head. No more nice pattern showers. :(

There was an alteration to my shift and tomorrow I will be working from 12-8pm and will start my 3-11pm shift from Tuesday.

Thank you Lord for a smooth-sailing week.

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sapphire blu said...

what a short time. Or is it 12 to 8pm. thanks for the post today. Your post make my day. will be running here to see what you write tomorrow. Nites and see ya

gunsirit said...

Buy a new shower for that matter..hehe