Thursday, January 06, 2011

Gurney Plaza tomorrow!

I enjoyed working today. Maybe it's because it was not that busy. I wonder how Saturday and Sunday will be like. Surely there will be a lot of guests going for spa. Tomorrow will be my off day and I will be going to Gurney Plaza to repair my shoes since it is going to fall apart in the next few weeks. RM2 to go there and RM2 to return. RM4 just to go to a plaza. I must get the Rapid card if I ever work in Penang.

Found an interesting video just now. The man talks like a radio.

I'm in Penang for one week already. Time flies!

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sapphire blu said...

so short one your post. write longer so that i can read more and know more what is going on around you. Must tell me abour your gurney plaza trip tonight. will be here again. da da