Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Reception at Chi Spa

First day at Chi Spa and I had already learnt so much. I stepped into the reception area and the I could smell everything so spa-ish. You know the smell you get when you walk into any spa? Then I later found out that the source of the smell came from the incense which I had the opportunity to light them. Felt like holding joss sticks when I light them. Hahahah...

I got to know a few new friends from the department namely, Lina, one of the therapists who was the first person I got to know, Sharm, this lady helped me a lot in my course of training today and Melissa, another trainee from Indonesia as well as Zaki, my mentor for tomorrow. They are all very wonderful people and gave out sound advice without hesitation such as, "Be careful of people around you.... You must be careful of guests who are easily offended.." and such.

My job today was fairly simple. Apart from observing how the guests are served, I got to play a part too by printing out promo letters for guests who would be checking in tomorrow to tell them about Chi Spa as well as trying out the checking in and out of guests. Oh and not to forget about the billing part. There's a little bit of F&B part in it too. For guests who were waiting for their treatments to start, my duty was to serve them drinks and cold towels, for the guests after treatment, fruits and hot tea would be served.

Aside from getting on-the-job training, I acquired new knowledge about the different types of elements in Chi and the various treatments available in the spa. Tomorrow I will be learning in detail about the services offered as well as the products sold there. And Zaki gave me homework to do. I have to memorise the meanings of the names of the villas (in which the treatments are carried out). It was like going back to school again. :)

My shift for now is from 12 to 8pm. I forgot to ask about my off day since I was too excited today.

My working look for two months:

I quickly grabbed the chance to snap a photo in uniform while there was nobody around. This was during lunch time.

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Never Ending Story said...

How i wish i was young again then i can work there too maybe. so nice to have such new experiences and Rasa Sayang is just a wonderful place to get trained. waiting for tonite's post as usual.