Saturday, January 01, 2011

First day of 2011

Happy new year, everyone! This is my first new year out of Ipoh and celebrating alone with my loved ones seem so far away. I thank God for technology that I can send messages using various means to connect with them and feel closer to them than ever. ♥

Today started off quite interestingly. As stated in the training letter, I was supposed to report to the Human Resource Department at 9am today but it turned out that the department is closed since it is a public holiday. I called the training manager when I returned to the apartment and found out that I can only report on Monday, 3 January. This means good news for me as I can go to church tomorrow! I hope I get my off day on Sunday so that I can go to church.

Will be attending the second service at Wesley Methodist Church tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. I know Jesus will always be with me.

To my dearest mommy, I miss you more than ever. Let's sms more! Hehehe!!

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sapphire blu said...

waiting for your next post. tak puas baca