Thursday, January 20, 2011

No holiday on Thaipusam

Happy Thaipusam to those who are celebrating it!! Today is supposed to be my off day but due to lack of people at the spa, I need to work today. I praise God for this because I get Sunday to be my off day. So happy!!

Last night, I printed out the reports for closing at the spa and I have to keep referring to my notes for the steps. In due time, I hope I will be able to remember without referring to notes. Even the pricing and duration of the treatments are still a blur to me. I thought of a great idea. I put a price list next to the telephone so whenever guests call to ask, I will be able to give a prompt reply. So clever of me, right? Hahahaha!!!!

Was thinking going to buy food from the Indian stall today but since it's Thaipusam, I doubt it will be opened. So I got to satisfy my stomach with Cintan noodles only. :D

I am working 3-11 shift today and it is also the day when I will see Melissa last. All the best to her when she returns to Indonesia for her studies.

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sapphire blu said...

sunny day on Thaipusam Day:


No holidays for me as well over here. Today is a real moody day for me. Do not know why I thought of sleeping all the day. Even when I type this short comment it was like I have taken sleeping tablets. wow it works don't have to take one. Just imagine you have taken the pill and you can just doze off in no time. If i stop typing means i am already on the couch napping like a big fat lazy p..

When I need rain the sun came and when I say sunny day please ploom plummm... lightning striking everywhere till I can't receive serial dramas/sinetrons. Weather playing hide and sick again. However thank God for all He has done. PTL for all the goodness He has given.

errrh.. have to break my head with hammer thinking what to eat. wanted to have cintan noodles like you, Fiona but the last packet also gone already. Have to wait next salary to buy cintan as cintan is not cheap over here. How I wish I know how to make my very own noodles. What is the ingredients to make. Anyone out there knows? Flour, water and egg? Is that all needed? Maybe I can try making it afterwards so that I do not have to go out and hunt for food to satisfy my tummy so that it won't cry for food. Other then sleeping my hobby is also eating.

Thought this will be a short quick comment. Oh noooooo.... my eyes can hardly open.. Must qucikly run to the shower and wet my head so that I don't fell asleep again. Helpp!!!! my imagination of taken sleeping pills worked...

End off here with a very very sunny day.

sapphire blu said...

Cuaca cerah/matahari terik.

Dah habis baca? Masalah dengan saya ni adalah kesalahan dalam ejaan dan tata bahasa yang memeningkan kepala. Setiap orang yang dah baca comment saya pasti garu kepala. Datang dari mana orang ni. Mungkinkah telah lama aku tinggalkan bangku seklolah? Apakah daya, otak saya ni lambat kalau cikgu ajar kena berulang beribu kali baru faham.

Cubaan untuk membuat mi sendiri tak jadi, tepung gandum campur telur dan air cuma boleh dibuat doh karipap. aduh. dah tak ada apa untuk diisikan perut tengahari ni. Tolong??? Tak pe apa kata minum milo dan biskut kering. Boleh rampingkan badan untuk beberapa jam. Dapat bertahan agaknya tapi selepas malam ni, berat badan terus melambung naik kerana saya ingat nak makan ikan sardin yang dalam tin tu.. dan kobis goreng.

Selamat membaca dan semoga Fiona faham apa yang nak dikatakan di sini.

Berakhir dengan cuaca yang cerah tapi sayang sekali saya tiada kamera untuk mengambil gambarnya. Kamera hp dah usang.

Never Ending Story said...

Hot sunny day on January 21, 2011

Went marketing just now and bought 3 fishes: 2 bawal and 1 siakap. Steam steam and steam fish again.

After that we went for breakfast at a hawker shop nearby. Wanted so much to eat Mi Kampua but oops the stall cuti cuti Malaysia. So we passed by a stall"Hong Kong Bak Cafe" name only nice but actually is just a small hawker stall,which have so called quite a variety of noodles but I chose Mee Sua. Waited for quite sometime and at last a lady brought me the mee sua. How much we ask.. what....?????? I couldn't believe my ears when she said RM7.00. So expensive leh for just a tiny bowl of mee sua with some fish balls and a few strips of green vege. Oh my... this is the most expensive bowl of mee sua I have ever eaten throughout my life from a hawker stall. Maybe the fishballs were made of precious stones and the mee sua from gold thread. Oh yea the stall is located opposite Stutong Wet Market.Will never go to that stall again even if all the shops are closed on that day.

Paid so much for just a meal from a hawker stall. Still not satisfied over what happened this morning. To balance the cash flow for today I had cintan noodle for lunch.

End off with a sunny day.