Saturday, January 22, 2011

First tip!

Today I received my first tip of RM5 at work! So happy!! I will remember this guest forever. Hahahaha..

The story started off like this. She came for her treatment and after she was done with it, she asked whether the boutique sells things and I told her, yes and informed her that she was entitled 20% discounts on all the retail items if she purchased anything after treatment. So she went in and got quickly interested in various items. As I was still unclear about the pricing of some of the products, I consulted Zaki and continued serving the guest, informing her about products and prices. She bought several items such as essential oil and incense holder with CD set and I packed for her.

After the billing was done, she asked me whether I was a Chinese. I told her I was (Don't I look like one?). Then she asked me further about my training and what my plans were after this and she laughed when she asked me what department was it the one I was currently in to which I replied, "The Spa Department".

Now that I come to think of it, no seniors of mine has been to the Spa department. It's funny.

Then before she left, she handed me a RM5 bill, thanking me for my patience while she was purchasing items from the boutique. Mrs. Jenny Clarke, I will remember you as the first person who had given me a tip.

I was a vegetarian today because I ate vege mutton curry and dhal with briyani rice for lunch. Then in the evening for dinner, I switched to white rice because briyani rice was fattening.

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