Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New schedule (again!!)

I have a new friend at the spa today! She is another trainee from Spice Market Cafe (SMC), a cafe where everyone has their complimentary breakfast every morning. It is therefore a busy place to work in. So she came into spa and finds it relaxing. That makes me more prepared to work in the busy hours of F&B department.

The work schedule has changed since there is now another trainee in the spa.

This is the new timetable till end of January.

26 Jan (Wed): 8-4pm
27 Jan (Thu): 8-4pm
28 Jan (Fri): 10-6pm
29 Jan (Sat): 3-11pm
30 Jan (Sun): OFF DAY!! - I won't miss the special speaker after all!!! Hallelujah!!
31 Jan (Mon): 3-11pm

I wonder if tomorrow will be a busy day. Hmmm, I shall see.

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sapphire blu said...

hot warm day on January 26, 2011

The streamyx line is no good today. Got disconnected once a moment ago. So you prefer to have busy hours? I guess that would be a better choice as after you blink blink many times in the end it is time to go home again. You will get to meet so many people of all races. That's nice right!

This afternoon after I ate bihun suppose to have it for breakfast, I felt discomfort and vomited and I slept till 1.45pm. Ooh... then I suddenly woke up and was wondering where was I. Am I home in the west? Is it the first day of Chinese New Year already? Nah... it was just my stupid imagination again. TIME FOR WORK. Rushed to the car and when I was about to reach the centre oops I forgot to take my teaching bag. What is this. Then I had to teach without my stuff, luckily today I just create something new to teach. I ask them to write a story with any title and told them whoever wrote the best story will be given a big lollipop. Time flies and it was 4.30pm. Don't have to pack anything to go home as there is nothing to be packed. So here I am reading your post and writing a brief comment.

Tonight got DAHSYATnya AWARDS 2011 but with the macet condition of mivo I guess I can't enjoy myself watching.

ooh ough... my stomach giving me a little problem. Must be the mandarin orange I had after eating bihun (fried by me) See you again.

End off here with a little cooling weather.