Wednesday, February 06, 2008

cny mood..

Just another seven hours or so and it'll be the first day of Chinese New Year.

The best part of tomorrow is, no more house chores!

Why so?

Because everyone has been working so hard doing last minute spring cleaning these few days. Imagine what a relief it will be without having to work tomorrow.

For me, CNY is not merely a celebration to earn more pocket money from married couples. It's more of a celebration to pay off all our efforts in spring-cleaning our home.

Plus, we get to eat more junkfood during this festive season like never before. Usually, you will have to buy junkfood on your own but during this time, people serve them to you! What a bliss it is!

However, there are two sides to everything. For CNY, there are plenty of good things.


THERE'S ONE MAJOR PROBLEM. The earth mysteriously approached nearer to the sun to signify the Lunar Year. Especially this year. I can't stand the humid weather!

It's time to air-condition the whole house.

Next entry will be about the reunion lunch and dinner we had. I am proud to announce that I finally cook...

...after such a long time. :-P

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Anonymous said...

here it has been raining and especially yesterday the whole afternoon was cloudy and the clothes not dry yet till now.. and it is not raining here yet but the weather is not so humid but I pray it won't rain just yet. At least wait for all the clothes to dry first before it rains again.. wet wet weather here.