Thursday, December 04, 2008


I am finally going to be meeting my friends again! It feels so long ago that we have ever kept in touch although it was only last week that we have made a small reunion.

'Imported' back from different parts of the country, it's really cool to see you guys again.

From left: Xiao Wei, Wai Leng and me

Clockwise from top: Wai Leng, Kah Chan, Su Ping, Yee Leng, me and Xiao Wei

Everyone was from USA2 (Upper Six Arts 2) except me. I felt so alienated and close to them at the same time. This is so contradicting.

The brain in maths class and me. I will always remember trigo, algebra and probability whenever I see you. =)

This was how we looked like one year ago during our beloved maths teacher's birthday. I look pretty much the same.

Try spotting me. It's easy.

The girls and Puan Ratan Kaur.

Why were you closing your eyes, teacher? =)

So excited and looking forward to meeting some of you again tomorrow!! We'll eat and sing and reminisce about our good ol' days in school. I can't wait.

I have changed the background and the header for the sole purpose of Christmas. Tell me what you think about it yeah?

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