Sunday, December 21, 2008

Youth Camp 2008

I learnt a lot from Youth Camp. I did not regret going for it. I met so many new friends and got closer to old friends. The bond of friendship that we share was so strong. Aside from that, the Holy Spirit ministered to me so powerfully during the camp. So here are the pictures!

As usual, please click on the picture to see it clearer.

Sleepover at church the night before camp.

This is where we spent our time worshipping and glorifying God.

Ice breakers are always a necessity.

From left: Yi Kit, Ken Ee and Deric

They were trying to imitate the Titanic.

I slept on the top deck for the two nights.

I love the games! Pneuma (which means Holy Spirit in Greek), my group won!

The river under the bridge is the Perak river. Mom said it has got whirlpool in it.

Coincidentally, it was Brandon's birthday (18 December).


We are strong as a team!

Xiao Jun and Yi Jun

The youngest camper (only 9 years old!)

Emily the Strange =)

After the games, this was how I looked like. Tired.

It wasn't really a candid shot as I posed for the camera. Hehe...

Before we left

Our final meal at Sungai Perak Resort.

I miss all of you!

This was written on the back of my hand by Mei Mei during our trip back to Ipoh. I love you too, sis! Muax!

I want to go for another camp!


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