Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More pictures from the Gunung Lang trip

More pictures!

Before we have the time of our lives. I was already feeling hungry looking at the food displayed in front of me.

Snapped at the jetty. The girl behind seemed to have a vengeance against me.

We were sitting by the drain where Ju Dee dropped her comb.

While waiting for the counter to be opened, I hired Cecilia to be my personal hairstylist!=D

Another happy family shot. This time with me in it. Bih Tong loves me.

Hair-pulling frenzy!!

Horrifying faces!!

Some of us with the lake behind us.

Snapped according to height. Yes, I am short.

In front of the verandah of a wooden house

Bih Tong was carving a love message for me on the tree. Miss said this picture is natural.

On the way to the recreation park

We were not wearing the safety jacket so we would be the first ones to be in trouble in case the boat overturns. Fortunately, nothing bad happened and we arrived safe and sound.

That sums up the Gunung Lang trip. I wonder where the next outing will be. Probably to the Kellie's Castle! I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think Kellie's Castle has a story behind it? Is it haunted?

Anonymous said...

hmmph. having so much fun huh? my college pulak chasing the syllabus like siao. sigh.