Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last minute shopping at One Utama, Midvalley and The Curve

I spent my Christmas Eve's eve in KL to do some very last minute shopping. I just came back a few hours ago and ended up not going for candlelight service at church (guilty a little). I had a great time there looking with awe at all the wonderful decoration at the various shopping complexes I have gone to.

The first stop:

I came upon this interesting bed and felt sleepy right after looking at it. I love round beds!

Now that Christmas is here, Panda decided to fall in love with a tree instead.

The next day a.k.a. today, we went to The Curve.

...and it goes round and round and round...

She was posing with her index finger pointing her dimple. So cute!

The Curve has a lot of trees around.

Santa's helpers have turned into grass!! Wahahaha...

Now I am back to celebrate Christmas at my beloved hometown.

By the way, I saw Eve working at Marche. I nearly could not recognise her with her yellow outfit and apron. You look prettier, girl. See you during CNY. Missing you lots!

Before I forget, just want to wish everyone a very:


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