Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gunung Lang Trip

This was the first time I have ever been to Gunung Lang. It was a charity trip organized by the club and the lucky orphanage that we had selected to join us for an outing was the Precious Gift Home. Loved the kids there as they were so well-mannered. =)

We were supposed to go across the lake at 11am but we were then told that everyone was to be back at the mainland by 12pm. As there was no point going to the recreation park for only an hour, we decided to have our picnic at the tables under the shady trees nearby.

The food was great. We stuffed ourselves slowly as we had a lot of time to idle in hand and snapped lots of pictures, something which was never forgotten when Ju Dee was around. The camera and Ju Dee is inseparable just like bread and butter. =D

After the picnic, we went across the lake to the recreation park at 1.30 pm.

(I will post more pictures from her camera as well as miss' in the next post.)

So here are the pictures snapped with my humble 1.3 megapixel phone.

The scenery from the mainland

Crystal clear water. Feel like turning them into barbecued fish. Yummy!

Bih Tong and me

Some of the children from the Precious Gift Home having a great time looking at the fish.

One happy family. Ju Dee (his honey), Nick (her darling), Dixon ( their 'son') and Bih Tong (their 'cute daughter')

On the boat to the recreation park. I felt like going for a cruise.

The beauty of the village-like pondok.

Snapped from the tower.

We were on top of the world. The sun was shining so brightly that we 'overshined' the background. Hehe...

Look at this picture more often and you can decrease your eye power (for those who are having eyesight problems). Green is good for the eyes.

We also had a mini celebration for miss' birthday. Cecilia bought a silverbird cake and we just made a simple cake cutting ceremony.

Rooney was sort of the unofficial babysitter there and all the children listened to him. Our initial plan was to have a treasure hunt game with them but they were so engrossed and enthusiastic about the playground that we ended up cancelling the plan and letting them continue enjoying the monkey bars, slides and swings there.

We went back to the mainland at about 3 something in the evening. I thank the Lord for providing us a good weather today.

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yaya..green is good...but seeing it thru a 12 inches laptop screen isn't doing any good to my eyes...so..stop misleading ppl la ms lee...lolx...