Monday, March 14, 2005

driving blues..

tomorrow will be my final driving lesson..i hope i can memorise the route and all the guidelines given..i want to pass especially the parking..the test will be on wednesday..two days to go..

Saturday, March 12, 2005


the holidays are here but i am feeling so stressed out..with folios and homework, i don't think i can enjoy at all!! now i realised that i have coordination problems with my hands and feet..i need to practise to get driving right..or else, i will be scolded by the instructor again can say i am quite afraid of him..just wish me luck for tomorrow, okay?? i have to go for rangers meeting tomorrow..and i am so sleepy..i don't want to think of waking up early in the morning on a saturday..moreover it's the first day of the holiday..i realise i need extra hours for homework and revision for monthly test in school..i hope i won't do that badly..

the spm result was out yesterday and how i wish i was the one getting the result..then i don't have to worry about having to sit for spm this year..i long to drive desperately..i hope to get my licence sooner..