Sunday, August 31, 2008

The land of fabulous food <3

I am now enjoying my trip on the Pearl of the Orient.

Look at the beach. Doesn't look as clean compared to other islands but we had the best view from the balcony of the room. By the way, we are staying on the 13th floor. Room 1313. Such a beautiful number, right??

Look at the people on the beach! I can hardly see them as people. Humans are such minute creatures, don't you think?

Some other apartments/hotels nearby. I love the way the sun shines at this point of time.

Last night, we had our dinner in the hotel. Not exactly 'in' because we had our dinner by the beach. The ambience was really good with a duo singing for us on stage throughout the night.

Our table

Some macaroni and ham slices with a cheese tart.

Every buffet definitely has this. The unmistakable mushroom soup!

After that I got lazy snapping pictures of the food that I ate. Anyway, to list them down would not be too hard. I ate ice-cream (I mistook yam flavoured ice-cream for chocolate as the lighting was too 'romantic'/poor). I had 3 SCOOPS of that. Next time, I shall bring a torch to check on the colour properly before scooping it.

Then, my bro had enough of grilled lamb so I helped myself with a small piece. It was so delicious.

The tandoori chicken wing was tasteless though.

The next day a.k.a. today:

We went to Prangin Mall and did some strolling and during lunch, we saw someone who draped the national flag over his shoulders with a hairstyle so similar to the Jalur Gemilang. A moment later, he shouted 'MERDEKA!' and we looked at him, stunned. A man who was tending his stall assured us not to worry about him (we thought he was a fugitive from the Blissful Hospital). He was actually very normal. It seemed to us later that he was the owner of the eatery as he sat at the counter collecting money from the customers. People nowadays are so interesting.

Then, we went to Gurney Plaza. Gurney Drive, here we come! The haven for more wonderful food.

Chee cheong fun with prawn paste and sweet sauce.

My plate of fried koay teow (egg + prawns -oysters)

Longan drink. My brother was busy enjoying his bowl of laksa.

Want to eat some brains?

It's OTAK-OTAK! It was not brain actually (For those people who know BM, they will know what the joke is about). It was actually fish with some eggs and I-don't-know-what mixed together and the combination was so great.

The night view of Penang. I never thought it would be this pretty. Credits goes to Deric for being the photographer.

I'll be going back to good ol' Ipoh tomorrow. Time indeed flies when I am enjoying myself. =)

Friday, August 29, 2008

My very own national day!

Sayonara to finals! Now I can take a break. Food and Beverage Service 1 is the most sane paper.

I'll be starting my 'merdeka' trips from tomorrow onwards.

First up will be a trip to the Pearl of the Orient. Yeah, I love Penang so much that I have to go there every time there's a holiday for me.

Then, there's a Pangkor trip on the 8th September. I can't wait to eat the seafood. Yummy!

=) =) =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Final Exam

Finally there's just one more paper to go before I become as free as a bird. What I am hoping for right now is for the Food and Beverage 1 questions to be at least predictable and less out of the world unlike the previous three papers.

Safety and Hygiene in Catering paper was not completely out of the world. It was just plain EXTRAORDINARY. Whatever that we read from the text distributed to us can be considered as a 'light reading' material as only one chapter came out. What about the other components of the book? I'll just have to keep whatever I have read as my 'sweet memories' as I could not apply most of it in the written test.

I thought that the Safety and Hygiene paper is extraordinary enough yet it is still not the champion for being the weirdest paper of all.

When I stepped into the auditorium this morning, I was trying to recall all Food Studies facts that I have just read. Well, I actually don't have to refresh on what I read as history repeated itself. This time, 'EXTRAORDINARY' is an understatement.

When I looked at the questions, I was scanning through for words like meat, poultry, fish and other familiar terms. However, not one of those terms appeared on the exam paper.

The format for Hospitality English 1 is rather different too as it has the same format as Food Studies. One thing that worries me though. Will one liner answers be accepted since the allocated marks is 5? Yes, that was what the Section A requested. One liners. 8 ONE LINERS!

I did everything I could to 'crap' as sensibly as possible. Now I leave everything to God for His miracles to work.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Examination Blues

My first semester ended last Friday and it's time for the final exam to start real soon. If you were to ask me whether I am prepared for it, my answer will be the usual NO. I have this tendency to do everything at the eleventh hour which is a bad habit I can never get rid of. My first paper will commence on Tuesday at 9.30 a.m. (I hope I will not oversleep) and another one in the afternoon. Then four more subjects on the next two days.

To all my friends,

Take time off and relax while studying. Do not stress yourselves out because your performance will be greatly affected if you are too tensed up. No matter what choice you have made, whether it is right or wrong, do not turn back but try your best to make this decision worthwhile and not something that you regret.

Olympics 2008 will soon come to an end. I am waiting for the next one to be held in London in 2012. This time, I definitely must watch Synchronized Swimming no matter what. I hope the Anastasias from Russia will be competing once again. Love their routine so much.

I dreamt that Yoda died last night. It was horrifying and it seemed so real. The sound of Yoda eating is a relieving sound as it shows that it is still very alive.

Monday, August 18, 2008

These few days

I have had so many FREE stuffs recently and I just want to thank God for all that He has given me. =)

Firstly, was the free school play ticket from a friend. Next, it was the Lost World of Tambun ticket. The last free ticket I got was the free screening of Wall E by Magnum and I am so blessed!

Duyun, of course I wasn't talking about you. Since when you have been a 'he'?

Speaking of a 'he', I saw a tranny in Lost World this afternoon. She/He wore a blue bikini with a clearly visible scar (due to the breast implants) in the middle of his/her chest/breast/boobs/I-am-not-sure-what-to-call-those-anymore.

Anyway, back to the story. The fire has died down and I don't feel so angry anymore so it's not necessary to put him into the toilet. Thanks for the suggestion though. I will consider it the next time I see him. :P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A piece of my mind

It's a tiring day today but I was indeed happy. It's kind of weird to say that I feel happy washing dishes but somehow this is the feeling that I get when I was doing that chore.

To this 'someone' who thinks he knows me so well:

I just want to tell you that I love the way my life is going right now and I am not going to regret it. Don't you know that I love to start working from the bottom? Keep on looking down on me and I will succeed better than you expected me to do. Thank you so much for all the advice that you have given me and they didn't actually go to waste. I did listened and I deliberated. I choose not to follow your advice as it is not something that I desire to do. This course is my passion.

You keep on telling me that I will not like what I do but do you really, I mean REALLY know what I want to do? You only see me once a year (or less) yet you acted as though you live with me under one roof.

Is discouraging me what you think will make me a better person? I can tell that you want me to do something else just because you think my result has gone down the drain? I sat for STPM not because I wanted to go to public uni but the main purpose of it is for me to think through what I truly wanted to do. Well, I guess you will not understand that point at all since you didn't approve me of going into Form Six in the first place. Albeit pointless, I feel so much better writing that out.

Anyway, you have never taken up this course and tried it. You told me what I see right now is beautiful, but in the real world, things are so much different. Such wise words! Who doesn't know the real world is harsh? I have learnt a better phrase. No pain, no gain.

Anyway, I am so grateful to have such a caring person like you to voice your opinions which I highly appreciated. If you really read this post and deemed me to be rude, I hereby apologised because I am merely typing what I thought and had tried my best to filter my words to make them sound less hostile.

Exam's round the corner and I have to study so I will not harbour on what you have said to me a few months ago. You are not affecting me. I will not let your discouragements affect me. Or my life.

Friday, August 08, 2008

The end of food studies practical

So here are the dishes in visual form. Pictures courtesy of Miss Nurainie. =)

First up, the appetizer. Crab cakes are really delicious with some touches of bechemel and mayonnaise.

Chilled cucumber soup. So refreshing and 'new'.

This dish is deemed to be the best dish for the day. Chicken breast with orange sauce + honey.

The vege of the day. Broccoli with Mango and Capsicum Salsa. Without the salsa, this dish cannot be called a dish at all. =P

Last but not least, cherry tartlets served with whipping cream. Pui Yun hearts this the most, I mean the whipping cream.

Photography session.

From left: Obviously me (unprepared thanks to Pui Yun who kept on counting two and more twos), Christina (Appetizer Chef), Gayathry (Vegetable Chef/Waitress), Kevin (Meat Chef a.k.a. most celebrated chef of the day!) and Nick (Pastry Chef)

This picture is here just for giggles. The salsa brings a lot of meaning because they are downright important.

Just want to say thank you for everyone who made it successful (although there were some glitches here and there throughout the service).

I will miss Food Studies practicals since this would be the last time wearing the apron and the hat pretending to be a real chef. The semester is going to end real soon and it's time to tackle the theories now.

It's a tiring but a fruitful day.

Sarah and Ah Yun,
Glad to see you both again today. I'm glad you like the food. It's a little something I can do for you guys for being such great friends to me. Oh, and I just remembered. We should have snapped a picture together. Ouch!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tomorrow is the day!

Finally summer is about to end in Malaysia. I think 'fall' is coming.

Anyway, today we went to do our marketing and we actually spent above RM80. I can't believe that the things we bought were so expensive. The preparation was smooth today and I hope things will be as smooth-sailing tomorrow.

There's an alteration regarding the sorbet. Instead of strawberries, lemons will be used in the sorbet. I actually feel this is better since it's more original.

To my two dearest friends, Sarah and Duyun:
Thank you for your undying support for me. Really appreciate it. I can't wait to see you guys again tomorrow. Miss you both so much although I have just seen you last week.

Oh, and another thing. A very happy birthday to Amy! 080808 is such a nice date to celebrate your birthday. All the best in your future endeavours and never forget me, okay? I officially welcome you to join the two-zero club. =D

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I love Christmas with snowflakes!

Just tried out the cucumber soup (which is currently chilling in the quick chiller). I found that it actually tasted better than I had expected it to be but I am still not so sure whether it is supposed to taste sourish. Anyway, will be bringing the soup to college and see what others think.

I had a wonderful day today strolling in Sunway Pyramid and we did buy some stuffs. I wonder how were the rest of the people who went for the My Gopeng Resort trip doing? I guess they did consume a lot of fruits. Oh, I love fruits!

As Malaysia is having summer now, it's better to cut down on durians and other heaty fruits. I think I am getting an ulcer or it's either a wisdom tooth growing at my bottom left jaw. I remember feeling the same pain once last year and I thought I could be wiser since I am getting a wisdom tooth but it didn't grow. Quite disappointed, I dare say.

Back to the horrid weather. I hope Malaysia is not going to have summer all year long so that fall and winter can come. I would like to see some snowflakes. I love the sight of Christmas with a snowy surrounding. Oh, and the pretty flowers that bloom with the start of spring.

I know this doesn't make sense but it would be lovely if we have four seasons, wouldn't it?

Friday, August 01, 2008

The wonderful set lunch

The set lunch today was excellent.

The table setting

The appetizer: Vietnamese spring roll

Tasted sourish when dipped into the sauce and it's a real good starter.

Next up, is the Minestrone soup. Simply delicious thanks to miss. =)

Dragon fruit sorbet

Lamb cutlet (95% cooked)

Mushroom vol-au-vent

Mixed fruits dipped in chocolate

I was so stuffed after all the courses. Thanks to everyone in Group B and also miss for the wonderful meal!

A note to Mr. Simpson: Your service is not too bad la. But you should have danced to make it the ultimate service. Haha!!