Sunday, December 31, 2006

goodbye 2006..

Another 31st December has come. The very day that round up the year 2006.

Goodbye my faithful friend, 2006. The very year that had conjured lovely memories and some new experiences that will be etched in my heart as long as I live. It's also the most comfortable year as I have the opportunity to rest for almost half a year before working as a student once more with papers and pen.

I am pretty reluctant to welcome 2007 not because that I hate it. How can you hate something that you have not met before? It's simply because I dreaded its coming. Its coming means a lot.

I will grow older. Hence, that marks my final year of being a teenager.

I will have to work harder to achieve what I have been aiming.

And the doom of STPM will be too near to be true.

Sometimes I just want time to freeze and this moment stays on forever. I love the word RIGHT NOW and detest TOMORROW. When tomorrow comes, I always realise something. YESTERDAY has burnt and I did not benefit from it. Oh, how I wish I did something worthwhile. If only I had accomplished something to make tomorrow a day to be proud of. If only I had not been procrastinating and delay all the work that I have scheduled to be completed by Christmas.

PROCRASTINATION. A murderer of time.

Happy celebrating 2007 to those who truly love its coming.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry christmas!!

Christmas is here and Saffy is all prepared to celebrate this joyous occasion! Look at the ribbons!

They are Christmas colours! She sure loves Christmas. :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

saffy is drunk in car..

I took Saffy out for a spin this afternoon and I guess she didn't enjoy the ride after all.

Actually, I didn't plan to take her out since I know that would spell TROUBLE later on but I realised that I would be facing a GREATER TROUBLE if I didn't take her along.

The rain was pouring so heavily that puddles of mud could be seen at every corner of the street. I was alone. And I need to go out. Someone would have to prevent that DOG from rushing out of the house. I didn't plan to close the gates for I didn't want to get wet after the clean bath I had. My final decision. I'm taking her out with me.

If I let Saffy out just like that, she would come back all muddy and I have to wash her. I must not let that happen again. The compound would also be dirty. I could faint at the thought of the mess she was bound to make if I was careless.

So, I took out some newspapers from the living room and lay them down before pushing the dog in. She wouldn't budge. She didn't want to get in! After what seemed like a few minutes, I managed. She was seated quietly while waiting for the unknown to happen.

I started the engine and vroom!! She was startled and thought maybe the world was going to end and panicked. She was fidgeting and ruined the formation of the newspapers. I couldn't bother too much. I need to concentrate on the road, not on her. I looked into the mirror, making sure that she did not climb onto the backseat.

Finally, I stopped right in front of Convent, waiting for my sister to appear. No sign of her. I sent her a message and then turned to the back to check out on what Saffy was doing.

She looked rather quiet and still. Occasionally, she looked at the window, savouring the scenery in her midst. Then, I saw something funny. Her stomach seemed to be expanding and contracting, as though she had rubber in it. Next, it happened. Some foamy, bubbly kind of gooey yellow substance was making an exit through her mouth. She puked! Yuck! It was lucky that it landed onto the newspapers.

Phew! What a relief! The car mats are safe, or so I thought.

My sister appeared moments later and as she opened the door, she had the shock of her life. SAFFY IS IN THE CAR!! I could hear her heart screamed.

I assured her that there's nothing to be worried about and we continued the journey home. As I turned right towards Heritage Hotel, my sister witnessed what I had witnessed earlier on.


Yes, Saffy threw up for the second time. And this time I was not lucky. The gooey stuff flowed towards the mats behind the passenger seat.

When I reached home, I shooed Saffy out of the car (which she gladly did) and I gathered the newspapers, ready to discard them into a plastic bag (thanks to the numerous shoppings that my family does, we have loads of them at home).

It was the mats' turn. I dragged the 'offended' ones and sprayed them with water. Fortunately, the vomit came off rather easily and it was quite odourless. I thought the job would be disgusting and I was wrong.

When something does not stink, you will have no fear dealing with it.:)

I have asked my dad to get Saffy a chain soon. After that, I will have no more problem driving out alone on rainy days. :D

All I need to do is just tie her to the pole and she can do nothing but sit like an obedient kid waiting for candy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

sketch hut for lonesome bloggers..

I've just found a hut which is so fantastically marvelously set up for lonesome bloggers. A thousand of apologies for labelling the bloggers there as 'lonesome'. I am kind of lonesome too as you can see the uncountable (wind?) visitors landing upon this site.


Oops, I ran out of topic. I should be promoting drawing hut. I mean, Sketch Hut. My bad. Hehe...

Hesitate not. Click here to get some shelter and joy in reading!

some gibberish that you can understand..

It's the 13th day of December. How time......flies? I think I'll be more glad to substitute 'flies' with 'crawls'. At least 'crawls' does not sound so mortifying. So afraid of time these days. Even as I am typing this, I can still feel that Time is chasing me, trying to grab hold of me, attempting to trap me into the days of DOOM. When it has achieved what it had always wanted, it will be smirking out of the corners of its mouth (if only time has physical features like us human beings).

Another friend of mine has lost its 'R'. It has turned out to be a fiend instead. 'Oh, how cruelly thou art look these days?' Maths is getting uglier every minute. With all the ever so complicated graphs which actually don't make much sense, they actually had the ability to crack my skull open and extract all the juices within. The graphical way to torture mankind. How pathetic! If only I have the power against them. There's only one way. To understand them is the key to save my brain juices from dehydration. But, understanding is not as easy as it sounds. Maybe I just have to be extraordinarily patient. Someday, I will learn how to.

This is just so random and getting non-sensational. Oops, I mean non-sensible. There's nothing sensational.

Every routine seems too normal. Currently looking forward to the Penang trip which is not too great. It's a bit ironic, I know, but it's still a mystery as to why I am still looking forward to it although I have my predicaments. It's not surprising that I might still be hoping that I am wrong about the trip after all. Well, I guess. I rather bury myself in my books. I am overwhelmed with guilt when I part with books far too long.

Another friend turn 18 today. Happy birthday, Bo Eing! She might not read this, but at least I care to remember her birthday. =)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

12 ways to beat cholesterol, the hidden danger..

Just came back from K.L. and the decorations at Midvalley were just great. Makes me feel like Gretel in the fairy tale.

I am pretty much aware about cholesterol and the danger it brings nowadays. It can be FATAL. Well, of course all of you know that. Start taking precautions while you are still young as your organs are still working at its most efficient level.

An article from Quaker Cholesterol Information Bureau which is a public education initiative established to raise awareness of cholesterol and the risks associated with it. The Bureau is made up of a panel of health and medical professionals.

Cholesterol. You can't see it, hear it or feel it. It won't make you feel sick. You will probably feel fine but it is a hidden danger.

If you are living a high cholesterol lifestyle your cholesterol level may currently be too high or it may become high in the future, increasing your risk of heart disease. High blood cholesterol levels are not limited to overweight people but can affect anyone. Even fit people can have high blood cholesterol!

Cholesterol is a fatty-like, waxy, yellowy substance that comes from two sources: blood/serum cholesterol manufactured mainly by the liver which is necessary to help carry fats to parts of the body that need fat for energy and repairs, or fat for storage. The other source is dietary cholesterol, absorbed from foods of animal origin such as red meat, poultry, fish, cheese, eggs, milk and ice-cream. If a food comes from a source that walks or swims, it has cholesterol.

The main influence on cholesterol is saturated fat (found in animal foods such as dairy products and meat).

Over a period of time cholesterol builds up in the walls of the arteries forming plaque. This plaque can eventually block arteries and rob the surrounding tissue of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. When this happens in the blood vessels leading to the heart, a heart attack can occur.

The statement below will indicate whether you may be living a high cholesterol lifestyle. Tick the boxes if they apply to you.

( ) You buy butter and other whole-fat dairy products such as whole milk and cheese
( ) You eat a lot of steaks, chops and meat
( ) You always eat the skin on chicken and the fat off the meat

( ) You've been putting off losing those extra pounds of weight
( ) You don't make time to exercise regularly
( ) You've never had your cholesterol checked - has it been five years or more since you last test?

( ) You eat a lot of fried food
( ) You like food with gravy and sauces
( ) When eating out, you choose food for taste - not your health

The more boxes you ticked, the greater your risk of having high cholesterol. You will benefit greatly if you follow this guide for low cholesterol living. Controlling cholesterol should be a daily effort, starting in the morning and ending at night. Diet and exercise are important daily considerations.


Have your cholesterol level tested by your family doctor and know what your cholesterol level is. A small blood sample is taken and checked immediately or sent to a lab. Your doctor can measure your lipoprotein levels to more accurately determine your risk of heart disease.

Less than 200: Congratulations! Your total cholesterol level should be less than 200. Your goal should be to maintain your cholesterol at this desirable level by following the stepsin this guide for low cholesterol living. You need to have it checked every five years at this level.

200-239-BORDERLINE HIGH: Because you may be at increased risk for heart disease, have a follow-up test to confirm the results. Begin to lower your cholesterol to "desirable"by changing your diet and following the guide below.

240 or higher-HIGH: Because you are at increased risk for heart disease see your family doctor right away for a test that includes total, HDL, and LDL levels.Begin to lower your cholesterol by following the steps in this guide.

Eat less fat - your goal is to limit fats to one-third of your total calories. Avoid obvious fats such as butter and hidden fats in processed food.

Eat more fibre - Soluble fibre lowers your cholesterol level by keeping the cholesterol you eat from being absorbed by the body. Oats, beans and fruit are rich in soluble fibre.

Eat less cholesterol - limit your intake of high cholesterol food such as eggs and meat from all animals, eapecially organ meats.

Eat more starches (complex carbohydrates) - Starches aren't fattening and can lower your cholesterol level by diluting the fat you eat. Eat more starches such as grains, beans, rice and root vegetables.

Fats can be divided into three types; monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated. Your goal is to choose less saturated fat and use monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats instead.

Monounsaturated fat - vegetable sources such as olive and rape seed oil (canola)

Polyunsaturated fat - vegetable sources such as safflower, sunflower or corn oil. Many margerines are high in polyunsaturated fat.

Saturated fat - Avoid animal sources such as butter and meat. Vegetable sources are coconut, and 'partially hydrogenated' oils found in many processed foods.

Changing your diet begins with making changes in what you buy at the supermarket or market in your weekly shopping. With a little practice, you can develop skills for picking the right fats, reading labels and making good selections whilst shopping for the family.

Poultry (no skin), fish and seafood and lean cuts of meat, are good low-fat choices.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are practically fat-free and contain no cholesterol.

Starchy foods such as potatoes, yams, grains, breads and cereals are all good choices. Beans and oats can help lower your cholesterol. Choose low-fat food products containing these ingredients.

Frozen desserts such as low fat ice-cream and low fat frozen yoghurt are good low-fat choices.

The best way to find the fat in processed food is to read the labels. Ask yourself the following three questions to help you choose products that are low in fat, especially saturated fat.

  1. Is fat a major ingredient? The label lists all ingredients by weight so check for fat on the label - milk fats, milk solids, cream.
  2. Do too many calories come from fat? Each gram of fat is worth 9 calories. Check to see whether the total calories of fat do not exceed one-third of the total calories in the product.
  3. Is the serving size in the can/packet appropriate? When keeping track of fat, use a serving size that is close to what you really eat.

Beware of labels that state 'no cholesterol'. They may still be high in fat or oil.

These cooking techniques can lower fat while keeping the flavour

  • Microwave, boil, grill, bake or steam food without adding fat
  • Use non-stick sprays or cookware
  • Remove extra fat from meat and skin from chicken before cooking
  • Use seasonings creatively - sprinkle low-salt herbal blends on meats. There are many wonderful herbs to use which replace salt and fat.
  • Use low fat dressings and light oil dressings
  • Try some low-fat, low-cholesterol, substitutes - vegetable oil instead of butter or ghee and use less, substitute margarine for butter and use less.

If you need to lose weight, reduce calories by serving food on the plates and immediately putting leftovers away

  • Use a smaller plate - it looks fuller
  • Eat at a table, not in front of the TV - you'll then pay attention to how much you are eating

When eating out choose food that keeps your cholesterol under control. Be assertive and ask for food to be prepared in healthy ways - most restaurants will accomodate your requests.

If you weigh too much your body stores more fat and cholesterol. This may cause your blood cholesterol to rise. Fat has more calories (9 per gram) than protein (4 per gram) adn carbohydrates (4 per gram). The quickest way to lose weight is to limit total calories and reduce the amount of fat in your diet.

A regular exercise program can raise your HDL (good cholesterol) level and can also help you lose weight. Try to exercise at least four times a week for at least half an hour each time. It is wise to check with your doctor first before embarking on an execise program if you are over 40 and not a regular exerciser.

A small number of people have an inherited tendency to have a high blood cholesterol level. Inherited genetic disorders contributing to a high blood cholesterol level can inhibit a person's ability to lower cholesterol by diet. In this case, or in the case of a family history of heart attacks, consult your doctor.

Smoking lowers your HDL (good cholesterol) and increases your risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer.