Wednesday, December 13, 2006

some gibberish that you can understand..

It's the 13th day of December. How time......flies? I think I'll be more glad to substitute 'flies' with 'crawls'. At least 'crawls' does not sound so mortifying. So afraid of time these days. Even as I am typing this, I can still feel that Time is chasing me, trying to grab hold of me, attempting to trap me into the days of DOOM. When it has achieved what it had always wanted, it will be smirking out of the corners of its mouth (if only time has physical features like us human beings).

Another friend of mine has lost its 'R'. It has turned out to be a fiend instead. 'Oh, how cruelly thou art look these days?' Maths is getting uglier every minute. With all the ever so complicated graphs which actually don't make much sense, they actually had the ability to crack my skull open and extract all the juices within. The graphical way to torture mankind. How pathetic! If only I have the power against them. There's only one way. To understand them is the key to save my brain juices from dehydration. But, understanding is not as easy as it sounds. Maybe I just have to be extraordinarily patient. Someday, I will learn how to.

This is just so random and getting non-sensational. Oops, I mean non-sensible. There's nothing sensational.

Every routine seems too normal. Currently looking forward to the Penang trip which is not too great. It's a bit ironic, I know, but it's still a mystery as to why I am still looking forward to it although I have my predicaments. It's not surprising that I might still be hoping that I am wrong about the trip after all. Well, I guess. I rather bury myself in my books. I am overwhelmed with guilt when I part with books far too long.

Another friend turn 18 today. Happy birthday, Bo Eing! She might not read this, but at least I care to remember her birthday. =)

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