Wednesday, November 03, 2004


yeah..that's the heading for today..i really felt bored school and also at least it wasn't that bad at home because i got to sleep like a just love sleeping..don't know why..i did nothing much in school today..all i did was chatting and playing board games which had turned out to be really "bored" now..sigh..i hope that tomorrow will be a better day for me..i want to go window shopping!! i can't say only shopping because i don't have money to spend..i mean, i do have some money but don't feel like spending the money..i want to keep them to buy something else..maybe something really useful..i just feel like watching exorcist right now but i don't have the vcd..too bad..maybe i should just continue sleeping until morning..yawn...

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Alethea said...

u! u din tell me u had a blog! u..u...u...EVIL SECRETARY!!

coffee sipper said...

secretary? not president meh? Chess club president lar... anyway, the cover still is bad.
Change it again lar, heheheheheheheh!
Buh bye!