Tuesday, November 02, 2004

a bad ending..

i really regretted watching the taiwanese show-sunflower!! it had a bad ending..in fact, no ending at all i should say..what i expected was a happy one where nobody died and they live happily ever after although i know it won't be realistic if it was too happy..anyway, what is the point of directing a show which does not interest the viewers?? the ending was hanging and i was expecting another episode tomorrow but when i look through the channel guide, there will be a new show starting tomorrow!! what happened to the heroine?? did she died?? just want to inform you people out there that if any of you understood the ending of "sunflower", please tell me, okay?? that will be very much appreciated..;)

well..this is to pui yun..i changed the template..are you happy now?? it's no longer pink in colour but mostly white now..lol..

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