Monday, November 08, 2004

take a break..

school actually turns out to be quite a nice place when we do not have to is not that i hate studying, but i just love to have a break from studies..especially from the subject i dislike the most.......history!!! i mean it is okay to learn the subject in school just for extra knowledge, but to have it as an examination subject is truly ridiculous..why would anyone want to know about events which had happened about centuries ago?? let bygones be bygones..we should look forward to the future, not backwards..can you imagine yourself looking at someone walking backwards on the street?? that will be so weird..anyway, the holidays are going to be here really, really soon!! let's do a countdown...two more days to go......

another reminder for pui yun: i still think that the cover of my blog is OKAY!! i won't change it again..NEVER;)..i will only change it on one condition..only if you change yours

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