Monday, November 01, 2004


phew..finally i have finished my craft sample for vbs which i have been dreading to do since i got it a few weeks ago..alethea told me she hasn't completed took me about two whole hours to paint the styrofoam before laying all the details on was tremendous hard work..i really have to thank my neighbour who is a specialist in art for helping me out (although i know she won't be reading this..)..anyway thanks a bunch!! my mother did hers too and it was should see how the deepest part of the ocean looks like according to our own imagination..there are little humans and shells with pearls in it which is far too for the sizes of the fishes, they are all out of proportion..the star fish is the same size as the clown fish and the sea horse is bigger than the hammerhead..however, they look quite all right on the styrofoam..who cares about the sizes anyway?? it is only a sample for craft..logic won't be needed here..too much logic will bore the kids to death and no one will want to join vbs in the coming years!! so, i think this will be just fine for the one will question about the existence of humans living under the sea because it is still a mystery even to the greatest scientists of all time..who knows there might be homosapiens surviving peacefully in the deepest part of the ocean where no one will dare to venture to even till their very last breath??

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