Friday, April 29, 2005


teachers are so EVIL!! exam's in ten days and yet they still gave loads of homework..i think i am going to be half dead by the time spm comes..a good sign for me, maybe, because i don't have to sit for spm..haha..i'll be stuck in the hospital getting all the best might be wondering what sort of hospital i am talking about and i want to assure you that i wasn't referring to the normal, decent know which one i meant now?? hope you do..

i hope the seminar tomorrow won't be boring..i can't stand boredom..all i want now is a good night sleep so i won't be falling asleep tomorrow..oh God, please give me the strength to stay awake right up to the end..i am so hungry despite of the heavy dinner i had just now..i am going to have chocolates or ice-cream right now..

Friday, April 22, 2005

i am back!!

it's been like more than a month i left this poor blog unattended..the fact is, firstly because i was lazy and seriously dry..really had no idea to blog..i don't understand why others take blogging as an easy task..they just had so much to say..ME? maybe i should learn to remember things better so that i wouldn't forget..then maybe i can get to blog something out..

okay, here's something..exam's in two week's time and i haven't started reading a single thing yet..i have only started the few pages of chemistry and it is already driving me crazy..i don't understand why my brain's not brain capasity is running low..need to refuel it as soon as possible or i'll be DOOMED! spm is only 212 days away..more brain cells are dying:[