Friday, April 29, 2005


teachers are so EVIL!! exam's in ten days and yet they still gave loads of homework..i think i am going to be half dead by the time spm comes..a good sign for me, maybe, because i don't have to sit for spm..haha..i'll be stuck in the hospital getting all the best might be wondering what sort of hospital i am talking about and i want to assure you that i wasn't referring to the normal, decent know which one i meant now?? hope you do..

i hope the seminar tomorrow won't be boring..i can't stand boredom..all i want now is a good night sleep so i won't be falling asleep tomorrow..oh God, please give me the strength to stay awake right up to the end..i am so hungry despite of the heavy dinner i had just now..i am going to have chocolates or ice-cream right now..

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Anonymous said...

yeah, yeah, i agree, teachers are sooooo EVIL, haha fi, you're so cute. anw, the seminar was kinda cool, huh? i want ice cream too... :(


p.s: go view mi bloggie, upload 'our' pic d