Saturday, May 31, 2008

Food pictures

So sorry for the delayed posting of the cupcakes. Couldn't find the camera so just look at the hp quality one only, ya?

All the four cupcakes are chocolate- flavoured. My favourite!

Clockwise from top: Cheese cream with a heart topping, Cheese cream plus cocoa powder (Miss Nurainie was doubtful whether this would turn out nice but it did!), butter cream plus blueberry in the middle and last but not least, cappucino and cocoa powder sprinkled on top.

Anyone craving for salads? Here are some pictures to tempt you and make you drool. We made two kinds of salad during yesterday's practical - Mayonaise and Vinaigrette.

Vinaigrette dressing

Another shot for you because I love the colours. I don't like the taste though. Too sour for me. =P

Miss at work!

I hope Miss Nurainie doesn't read my blog. She might kill me if she sees this picture. LOL!

Mayonaise dressing

I love this one! Egg + mayonaise is the perfect combination!

After decorating it with oranges we segmented last week.

Went to the ice-cream parlour for some ice-cream. More pictures!

This is what they call Double Chocolate Fudge. Simply delicious!

I keep on saying that everything is delicious. Well, I can't help it. Just being truthful. Hehe..

Some chocolate cakes with vanilla ice-cream in the middle coated with chocolate sauce.

I forgot what the name is. I only remember it's peachy.

I am beginning to feel the cramps after badminton this afternoon. Will be going for a swim tomorrow morning. Maybe I won't be swimming. I might tear my muscles into pieces.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scribbling something here to take a short break from work

Finally, one question from one assignment DONE!! Many more to go. I just hope I can just save my midnight oils for exam and I don't have to use it on my assignments.

It's been the third week now and lessons are getting more and more detailed. It's obvious because as you learn, you need to go deeper and deeper until you finally realized you are in a deep pit and you can never get out unless you have covered all the syllabus.

Last Wednesday, we had a closed food fair in college and we sold kebabs which didn't look like real kebabs and also cupcakes. I will upload the picture here soon since the camera is currently at i-don't-know-where-the-location-is. The sales was absolutely not good for the cupcakes. One lesson learnt here: Sell only food that has a minimum cost so that the profit can be maximised.

(I recalled Linear Programming and Econs as I said this. The nostalgic cell suddenly hit me. I miss Form Six so much right now.)

I think I will opt for a French menu for F & B assignment so I can put everything with the word 'french' in it like french fries, french toast, french bread and so on. Anyone knows about French wine? I know nuts about wines. It's time to learn, I guess.

Got to sleep now as I have to wake up early for a visit to McD tomorrow. Can't wait to try the Big Mac Chant! Give me a free drink too, will you, Mr. Ronald?

P/S: I was once again tagged. Another one about listing things. My ultimate weakness. :-P

Sunday, May 18, 2008

After Four Days

After four days of attending classes, I am starting to get used to it. To me, I thought it would be so different from Form Six but the difference is minimal. I am currently wearing casual wears to college. However, this will change when the uniform is done. There is no homework given daily by lecturers as we will be given assignments instead. So that is another difference. The lecturers uses mind maps to teach just like some of the teachers that I've had since my secondary years.

One assignment for Safety And Hygiene In Catering is received and I am still counting for more to come. I need to start working. Get some images and information. I've been locking my creativity away for such a long time and it's high time I let it out of the cage.

I've met some new friends which I initially thought would be a slow progress before I came to college. I feel comfortable to be around them and I hope they feel the same when I am among them. Don't worry. My good old friends will never be forgotten. The 5 Lilians, USA1 inhabitants and chums from other classes, remember to keep in touch (especially those who have gone beyond the state of Perak). If you are back, let me know. We can arrange something.

P/S: I've been tagged by Caryn but I am bad at listing things down. Might do it when I learn about listing things. =D

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Day Lessons

Lessons officially started today. We had induction yesterday so the classes yesterday will be replaced soon or so I heard. The subjects that I had today were Hospitality English 1 where we will learn some new hotel terms, Food And Beverage Service (I think I will love this subject best probably because I get to learn more about wines and some other drinks) and also Food Studies. Food Studies is mainly about cooking in the kitchen and there are a lot to learn from there too.

Currently still having the mood to study but I wonder when this studious spirit will last until. I hope it will last for a very long time. Let it expire only after 2012. =)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Some updates

Just a little update on what I am up to.

Class will start officially on the 12th but I was told that I need to go to the college on the 8th and 9th May. I have had a long break and now it's time to start a new beginning.

What will I get myself into? I will just have to wait and see. =D

I have been following Malaysian Dreamgirl (only the elimination episodes) quite closely and it had finally come to an end with Miss Tey Cindy being crowned as the first Malaysian Dreamgirl. I don't know about you but I think it is a poorly done copy of America's Next Top Model. Using the audience as judges is not wise at all for this kind of competition because even though a contestant's photoshoot is bad, if she has many fans, then she will never be out. Sounds stupid, huh? Yeah, I thought so.

I'd rather watch Gordon Ramsay screaming his lungs out to his aspiring cooks during service in Hell's Kitchen.

Happy belated Labour Day, everyone!

P/S: The weather last night was so horribly warm and I couldn't sleep in my room. So, I took my blanket and pillows and slept in the living room. My body feels like sticker in this kind of weather and I hate it.