Saturday, May 31, 2008

Food pictures

So sorry for the delayed posting of the cupcakes. Couldn't find the camera so just look at the hp quality one only, ya?

All the four cupcakes are chocolate- flavoured. My favourite!

Clockwise from top: Cheese cream with a heart topping, Cheese cream plus cocoa powder (Miss Nurainie was doubtful whether this would turn out nice but it did!), butter cream plus blueberry in the middle and last but not least, cappucino and cocoa powder sprinkled on top.

Anyone craving for salads? Here are some pictures to tempt you and make you drool. We made two kinds of salad during yesterday's practical - Mayonaise and Vinaigrette.

Vinaigrette dressing

Another shot for you because I love the colours. I don't like the taste though. Too sour for me. =P

Miss at work!

I hope Miss Nurainie doesn't read my blog. She might kill me if she sees this picture. LOL!

Mayonaise dressing

I love this one! Egg + mayonaise is the perfect combination!

After decorating it with oranges we segmented last week.

Went to the ice-cream parlour for some ice-cream. More pictures!

This is what they call Double Chocolate Fudge. Simply delicious!

I keep on saying that everything is delicious. Well, I can't help it. Just being truthful. Hehe..

Some chocolate cakes with vanilla ice-cream in the middle coated with chocolate sauce.

I forgot what the name is. I only remember it's peachy.

I am beginning to feel the cramps after badminton this afternoon. Will be going for a swim tomorrow morning. Maybe I won't be swimming. I might tear my muscles into pieces.

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Anonymous said...

wah so yummy, it's nice to have a good swim. I would like to see the swimming pix tho.

Continue to update more. If possible daily. hehe.

Elin Chia said...

Hi Fiona,
I see you that are enjoying urself in the course you are taking. Wish I could be in your shoes though. haha..Enjoy what you are doing and you will do best!! All the best to you ya :)