Sunday, May 18, 2008

After Four Days

After four days of attending classes, I am starting to get used to it. To me, I thought it would be so different from Form Six but the difference is minimal. I am currently wearing casual wears to college. However, this will change when the uniform is done. There is no homework given daily by lecturers as we will be given assignments instead. So that is another difference. The lecturers uses mind maps to teach just like some of the teachers that I've had since my secondary years.

One assignment for Safety And Hygiene In Catering is received and I am still counting for more to come. I need to start working. Get some images and information. I've been locking my creativity away for such a long time and it's high time I let it out of the cage.

I've met some new friends which I initially thought would be a slow progress before I came to college. I feel comfortable to be around them and I hope they feel the same when I am among them. Don't worry. My good old friends will never be forgotten. The 5 Lilians, USA1 inhabitants and chums from other classes, remember to keep in touch (especially those who have gone beyond the state of Perak). If you are back, let me know. We can arrange something.

P/S: I've been tagged by Caryn but I am bad at listing things down. Might do it when I learn about listing things. =D

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