Monday, February 04, 2008

cny invitation..

This is what I call an EMERGENCY MEAL. This afternoon, dad called home to tell us that he will not be able to come back on time to take us out for lunch. He asked us to go out on our own but I did not want to eat out so this is what my sis and I came up with.

Some instant noodles with mom's recipe to make it delicious + fried eggs + nuggets.

Everything is just a fry away!

It's a rather pitiful meal, right? Yeah, I know.


All of a sudden, we received so many/much CNY goods from friends. I don't think we will be able to finish them so I hereby invite all friends who know where I live to come and help me do a favour.


This is not a joke. I am sincere and serious about this invitation.

Seriously, this year is such a fantastic year and we are so blessed with so much food. All we bought is just some can drinks from Giant. You can see how much we actually saved, right?

Friends, you can come to my house at any date between 7 February to 21 February. But please call beforehand just in case I might be out. Then you will have to face Crystle's wrath. She hates strangers (strangers here means people she has not seen before). Even if you are a close friend, she would attempt to bite you and scare you away.

No fear! Just inform me before you come and I will guarantee you a secure entry into my humble home.

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Anonymous said...

mandarin oranges are my favourite but too bad I already had enough and it is not even chinese new year yet.. i have been start consuming those oranges two weeks back eversince and today i look at it i would rather go for bak kwa instead.haha..nevermind i will still help u to finish.. da

KENNY said...

okok..then u get ready big and i mean BIG angpaos..i will go collect it
haha..happy chinese new year