Saturday, February 16, 2008

happy BELATED v-day!

This is a belated entry of Valentine's Day which, of course, I celebrated happily. Not exactly V-day for me but it's Single Awareness Day a.k.a. S.A.D. that I really celebrated.

I am not sad as the acronym said. Being single is good for me. Yup, I feel very normal. Perfectly healthy. And happy. And I am not jealous whatsoever. I don't know why but V-day has no effect on me.

I still ate like normal, slept like any other day and did my favourite things as usual. And BOOM!

The clock struck twelve like any other day. Another Valentine's Day burnt together with the RMs most guys had to spend to keep their 'overly-pampered' other half happy for the rest of the day.

I might be a little late but it's still not to late to wish every person in the world who knows the meaning of love to have a Valentine year ahead. May you have LOVE all year round! Everyone needs love. Especially God's love.

P/S: I am not S.A.D. because I have the greatest Person to love me up above. =D

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sapphire blu said...

did u read my latest updated post about those mandarin oranges? Just go and grab a box and throw them in the sea and you will be holding hands two by two by year 2009 valentine's day. lol