Saturday, February 23, 2008

two worlds apart..

Once upon a time, there lived a prince high up behind thick walls. He was somewhat beautiful and precious to his royal family. However, he was never happy. How can anyone be happy living trapped all his life? Mr. Prince longed for his true love to set him free.

'I'm not Rapunzel. Why am I locked up the same way?'

Days became weeks and weeks became months. His true love never came. But fate is a funny thing.

After several years trapped in his lonely 'cell', the maid finally took him out to have a taste of Mother Nature. That was the very first time he felt joy in his heart. Then, he saw her. Right at the other end of the field, she stood there watching him silently. They ran towards each other but not for long, they were separated again. Mr. Prince thought he found his true love but why stop him right then? He thought he was happy being a free being. He thought that the happiness would stay when he met his true love.

'I'm so happy that I am no longer a prisoner! I am also a prince in love. What more can I ask?'

He was wrong though. So, so wrong. The next moment he knew, he was back in his 'cell'.

Help! Free me!

And you know who his true love is? Well, sort of.

She even drew a mole on her face to be more attractive since the eyebrow was not enough to unleash her outward beauty.

I want to find Mr. Prince!

Crystle, forget him. He won't remember you anyway. Especially when he knows you are neutered.

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hahaha what a joke