Thursday, February 14, 2008

yee sang day..

Whenever there's a birthday, there'll be a birthday cake. What about Humanity Day or the day known widely as yan yat among the Chinese? We don't buy cakes to celebrate this special occasion.

This is what we had.

Yee Sang

The whole dish is made up of many, many ingredients like carrots, cucumbers, parsley leaves, jellyfish, sour plum sauce and some others that I don't know of. It's eaten RAW. That is why it's called 'sang' in Cantonese.

If the yee sang is supposed to be eaten after it's cooked, it'll then be call yee suk instead. 'suk' means cooked in English.

WARNING: Below is a picture of me being gluttony. I love to eat so, so much.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.

2 wrote a note:

Anonymous said...

nolah u can still buy bday cake and eat mah..cos i thought its everybodys' birthday. happy valentine's day and hope after u have eaten the yee sang yesterday you will learn liking more of raw food. haha

Johnny Ong said...

yee sang - unbelievable cny 2008 for me as until today i haven't taste the yee sang yet.