Saturday, February 02, 2008


Note: Lee Nian Ning's memorial

Date: 3 February 2008
Time: 10 am
Venue: Mahindrama Temple (Kampar Road), Penang

Please try to attend and pay your last respects to Nian Ning. Your attendance will be very much appreciated.

I am twenty this year! Can you just imagine? I'm no longer a teenager like I used to. Two years ago, I was supposed to be twenty. But it wasn't real. It's real this time. So, so real.

Went to Johnny's Restaurant for dinner and these were the food that we had.

Isn't this a lovely lamp? We didn't eat this of course.

Deric ordered this. Tomyam noodles!

BBQ beef rice. Dad's choice.

I don't fancy beef that much so I did not order that.

Pineapple fried rice. Eunice loved it.

Not too bad. But the taste is a little bland.

Belacan fried rice. The rice looked like unpolished rice.

It was very delicious especially when I added the gravy from the mango appetizer below.

Very appetizing and sour! I liked it!!

This is our dessert.

The yellowish thing inside were nangka! Luckily there weren't many slices of them.

Back home, it's time for a break before the cake-cutting ceremony! It's nothing big, but the word ceremony sounds so grand.

Oops, no break for me. I have to cook dinner for naughty Crystle. My sis could not take a break too as she had to be my photographer.

My birthday outfit. Nice or not?

First, take the chicken meat out of the refrigerator.

I wonder if Crystle would eat it raw...

Wash, wash and wash till the chicken meat is sparkling clean. No soap is needed unless I want to kill Crystle.

Cut, cut and cut! You can mince it if you want. But I am lazy, so cutting is enough.

My sis want to try to get her fingers chopped too!

Finally did it! Eh, why isn't there blood?

Eunice is blood-less. Hahaha...

Next, boil the meat (including my sis' finger) in a small pot with little water.

By this time, Crystle could smell the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen so she came and took a peek.

Hmm, such a delicious smell! I want to eat! *tail wagging frantically*

It is ready to be served to the beast outside. The little beast.

Looks so plain but Crystle loves it!

Break time's over! Time for the grand ceremony. Not that grand but just grand. =)

Tiramisu cake

Lighting up my own candles

Just two candles so I couldn't arrange in any creative ways.

Should I look happy or sad? Happy because I don't have to light up so many candles. Sad because I am getting older.

Sis and I

She can't wait to be 18, I guess. The legal age is so tempting.

Dad playing peek-a-boo behind me

Stupid plastic knife designated for right-handed people! I am forced to cut with my RIGHT hand which does not feel RIGHT.

The apron's finally off!

Presents-opening time!

So many prezzies!! The hair bands looks like cabaret girls' skirts according to mom.

Another shot

Zipper bag and handphone bag. Down Memory Lane.

Showing off

Cute fluffly bear with a pink heart!

Everthing nice

I love this card so much!

A hole-y birthday card

Such beautiful message

I can't get enough of snapping pictures.

A blouse with my name on it. This was what the parcel contained with the other two hair bands.

P/S: Wish mom was here to celebrate. It'll be such a blast if you are in Ipoh. Thanks for the presents and everything! Love you. Muaxie muax!!

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Anonymous said...

u look sweet wearing the new blouse. Glad you love those presents. They are little actually just a gift from our hearts.

As for the cutting chicken part I really thought one of the fingers were chopped off.. ouch.. what a trick from you people. lol

Anonymous said...

Hey..i can't believe it..You're 20!!! Gosh!! 20!! And to think we were jz 15 during least u were..i was 14..:s Time really passes so fast, but i think if given the chance, we would still draw silly cartoons on each other notes rite?? And that's like 5 years ago..Anyway, wish u all da best in enjoying ur adult life starting from now..Hugs..