Thursday, November 27, 2008

Miss Blondie Went To Dine

Another semester had come to an end. Time indeed speed its way through these few months. Why is it so? My sister had been wondering about this before and I remembered telling her that it is not that time has moved faster but it is the humans today that are so caught up with life and have no time to see how slowly time crawls.

I should count myself fortunate as I just need to worry about two papers whereas the rest of my classmates have more papers to think about. I just hope I could breeze through these two papers no matter how hard they are.

Today we had fun listing as many food and beverage terms as we could and at the end of it, we were divided into groups of three where we had to create a story using as many terms as we could from the board.

Want to read what Bih Tong, Patricia and I had come out with? This was how our story went.

(The name of characters are changed to protect the individuals who inspired this story. Those of you who heard the story in class, please keep the original names to yourself, thank you.)

One day, Miss Blondie decided to dine at an expensive restaurant. So, she took out her cellphone and made a reservation. A grouchy operator answered. Then she was asked about the necessary questions regarding her reservation and she hung up with a glee on her face.

There she went. When she was greeted at the entrance of the restaurant, Miss Blondie was amazed at how sophisticated the waiters there looked. Then, she was seated by a handsome waiter who later offered her water service. Miss Blondie was already beginning to enjoy herself even before the menu was presented to her.

When Miss Blondie saw the menu, she could not decide what to eat. WHAT THE CRAP! There were so many varieties of food from the appetizer to the dessert to choose from! So, she settled for a gueridon service. The waiter who took her order smiled because that service would cost her a lot of money.

The highlight finally came. A well-groomed waiter pushed the trolley to the front of her table and started preparing her food. The flambeing of her favourite fruit seemed to be her source of entertainment. She was laughing all the way because she had never seen anything like it before. At first, she thought that the restaurant was going to be on fire!

All of a sudden, Miss Blondie was interrupted by Mr. Fruitplus, her long lost childhood friend. He was alone and decided to join her for lunch. She had no choice but to say yes. Then, they happily enjoyed their meal when they heard a bang from the kitchen.

A waiter who was carrying a pair of serving gear fainted and the rest of the guests looked at him in horror. A tray of cutleries actually fell onto him which caused him his misfortune. Some of the people there unfolded some napkins and tried to give him first aid by fanning him to consciousness. But it all failed. Miss Blondie who witnessed all these suddenly had this crazy idea.

She grabbed the nearest wine bottle and hit the unconscious waiter with it. Miraculously, he finally woke up. He thanked Miss Blondie and decided to treat her a can of beer. Miss Blondie who was not an alcoholic declined and requested for a mocktail instead.

After the whole episode of the fainting waiter was over, Miss Blondie decided to order a pre-dinner drink. However, the waiter in charge of her table apologized and said that she should order a post-dinner drink. She went, 'Ooh, I see!' Feeling embarrassed for forgetting the definition of 'pre-dinner drink', she left hastily.

Mr. Fruitplus who still wanted to order a family service did not notice her sudden departure and continued enjoying his flambed peach.

Miss Blondie then realized she did not pay for her meal then called Mr. Fruitplus to foot the bill for her. However, Mr. Fruitplus was penniless so he was required to wash and polish all the glasswares of the entire restaurant for a week. Miss Blondie felt sorry for him but she was glad that she escaped the chores!

That night, Miss Blondie had a strange dream. She dreamt that the waiter who fainted that afternoon chased her in and out of the exquisite restaurant with a steak knife in his hand. Another image then emerged. She saw herself crumbing down a table for 40 pax and it seemed like a never ending duty. She woke up with cold sweat on her forehead and realized that it was blood after all! She took the napkin she accidently took from the restaurant and wiped it dry.

She had learnt her lesson. Never would she dine at such a grand place nor would she apply for a waitressing job at any food and beverage outlet.

Crappy story, I know.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Super duper short post

The past week has been a tiring yet exciting and interesting week. And I am truly exhausted. That's what you get when you get too much activities on hand that you barely had enough time for a good rest. But I am rejuvenating now. Getting better.

F&B quiz is on tomorrow and I haven't started on my book. Guess I will do it tonight.

Exam's next week. I can't wait for the holidays to come.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Damai Laut

The trip to Damai Laut from the 17-18 November was simply fabulous. We got to tour the hotel and the surrounding areas and we had loads of fun taking in the fantastic view of the sea (even the flies didn't pose much of a problem since the marvelous stay compensated for it). Even the seminar was great. I was kind of expecting the regular boring talk but it turned out surprisingly interesting with ice breakers in between the talk.

The pictures were not arranged chronogically, but do enjoy them anyway! I only some of the pictures from the trip. The rest of the pictures can be found all over facebook. =)

The best picture of the entire trip. Can you just feel the strong bond of friendship?

Snapped on the second day after the seminar is over.

The evening of the first day. High tide!

Touring around the resort in the buggy.

I love the waterfall. I always thought that this picture was drawn out of some artist's imagination.

Me at the entrance of Samsara Spa

The last day. While waiting for our transport to come.

Rewind back to the evening before.

This was the first time I went to the beach when the tide was getting higher. I dare say it was pretty scary to see the bold waves slapping further in onto the beach.

Kailash looked so blur. Have you eaten kailan today?

During lunch break.

During the two days, our meals were provided yet I couldn't eat much. And yet I could gain 2 kg after the trip. It's just so weird.

I loved the trip and can't wait for another one in the near future. =D

Sunday, November 09, 2008

An eye-opening experience

I've had a great weekend at Istana Hotel. I tend to get lazy to put captions below the pictures when there are too many of them so I'll just let them represent the thousands of words that they should.

Such a huge chandelier. Beautiful.

The corridor

Our room.

Nice number.

The bed quality was as good as Boulevard's.

Oh, should have taken the long-lasting orchid back home.

The drinks in the minibar.

Bottled drinks

Here are a few pictures of the bathroom. It seemed to be the main attraction of the room. The tiles were freezing cold all the time and I wondered why.

The shower room.

The bathtub which I never used.

Another separate section for the toilet bowl.

Hair dryer. Didn't use this either.

Me standing at the doorway of the toilet bowl section.

At night, we walked to Jalan Alor for dinner. There were so much choice of food that we did not know what to eat.

After dinner, I snapped some pictures of the tip of the KL Tower and also the Twin Towers.

These trees decorated with lights are ready for Christmas!

The pond at the far end of the front of the hotel.

From Room 1616, this was the view that we got.

A pool view.

Being a first timer staying at Bukit Bintang area, especially on weekends, there were a lot of things to see. Like in Lot 10, I witnessed a fight at the food court area and then there were the shufflers on the streets when I was in the monorail. The city came alive at night. I saw two monkeys led by a man (ready to do some monkey-business performances, I think) as well as a few girls/half-girls a.k.a. 'aquas' (can't tell them apart though) dressed skimpily promoting massage at the sidewalk. I was whispering to my mom that they might be promoting other extra services too after the massage. She nodded and smiled.

Being back feels good. I love the feeling of being back home after a trip. =)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Self-written lyric of Sitti Nurbaya sountrack based on what my ears tell me

I guess I have nothing better to write about. Maybe I do, but I just don't feel like writing any issues out.

Here's the soundtrack of the drama I'm currently watching. A word of caution though. The lyrics is not 100% accurate because I typed out whatever I thought I heard.

The lyrics of Sitti Nurbaya

Buka mata, buka hati
Dan engkau akan mengerti
Kisah ini
Tidak lagi ada ragu
Cintaku hanya untuknya
Aku bersamanya
Oh dunia
Takkan perduli

Mesti ragah diam tanpa daya
Jangan paksa hati
Untuk bersandiwara
Meskipun nanti
Aku tak bersamanya
Tapi kisahku
Kan abadi
Tapi kisahku
Kan abadi

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The whole picture

After painstakingly taking hours and hours of time, one stitch after another, I finally had finished the whole picture.

The following are the pictures snapped at random times of the day and at random stages. I didn't think about snapping pictures about it at first so that is why there is no picture of the empty Aida cloth.

You cannot even guess what the picture is about.

What do you think this is? Try to make a guess.

Give up???

Okay la. You can see the picture below.

For those of you who guessed hair, congratulations! You have won yourself a pat on your back. No real prizes are to be given here as I am just a poor mouse. Hehe...

The features materialized further. I loved Kate Winslet's eye!! Gorgeous!!

Time to stitch the jewels on her hair.

Now what is the name of the ship again? About to be stitched!

We can play a game of Hangman here. It's called the TIT_NI_.

The completed picture waiting to be framed.

I am about to start another project soon and I wonder what picture would it be this time.

P/S: I thank the Lord for granting me such benevolent friends who are willing to spare some space for me at their homes on the 16th November. =) =) =)

I will be temporarily 'homeless' and 'carless' (not careless, okay?) on that day/night.

Thanks, my friends. You know who you are. I am still contemplating which house to go to. What a blessing!