Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Gopeng Resort

Came back from My Gopeng Resort two days ago but I am still feeling the after effects of enjoying myself too much. Muscle aches, cuts and scratches and even the first allergy that pops up in the form of mosquito bites look-a-like have been tormenting me and I thought I had chicken pox at first. Thank God they are not. =)

26 July 2009

We gathered at college at ten in the morning before departing to our destination. Little time was taken to reach the secluded and natural resort because Rooney drove really fast even on a narrow road. It's definitely a free roller coaster ride.

As soon as we reached, we were required to fill up a form to pledge that we would be responsible for our own being and everything we did would be at our own risk. Sounds scary, but we signed anyway. Then Mr. Shawn Lau, the owner of the resort gave us some briefing of the resort as well as the electricity usage and how we can contribute to conserve energy to adhere to the eco-friendly theme practised by the resort residences.

Everyone paying attention or trying hard to.

I loved the bamboo table and chairs.

Lunch was served not long after that. I loved the ayam masak merah. Yummy!

There's a little monkey tied to a pole near one of the tables and we played with him. He tried to pull my specs and pendants and even tried to bite my pants and slipper straps. Aw, so cute!

Sleeping soundly like a baby

Looking at something interesting

So cute until I wanted to kidnap it!

The first activity that we had was the one we looked forward to the most for the few weeks before the excursion - waterfall!! We walked from the resort to the waterfall and the anticipation was so great that the walk seemed forever. We finally reached after more than half and hour of walk and that's when all the splashings began! This was also the place where the cuts were born. I realize now that enjoyment comes with sacrifices.

All drenched!

I shall skip to dinner time since nothing much happened in the evening when we returned from the waterfall. All we did was idling around the resort and I took a good shower, getting ready for dinner. We had barbecued and some cooked items. The beansprouts were too raw though but I still finished my share. The quantity of food was quite disappointing though as we only get a pathetic share of 1 chicken wing per person. That was because they prepared the food for us. So I guess they have the impression that we are all small eaters.

Enjoying their food

Anyone wants to buy chicken wing?

More chicken wings for sale!

The event after that was a beer-drinking session for some of the members and I joined in...

...with my glass of plain water. =) See, I didn't drink at all so I am more than sober than most of the people who drank. Later, when everyone was bloated with beers swimming in their bellies, someone came up to us and asked us various IQ questions and Ju Dee got her bottle smashed because we thought that was the answer to one of the questions. It was such a waste, I got to say.

The drinkers

Goosebumps Night:

As the night drew to a close, we listened to some paranormal stories which happened in college and also in schools. The topic then diverted to religions and one by one fell asleep. Only Kah Men, Kang Wei and Hoo Kit and I remained awake listening to Mr. Foong the story teller.

Around 2.30 a.m or so, my eyes began to droop and the rest who were still awake felt the same way. So that's how the story-telling night ended.

Next morning (27 July 2009):

I woke up at 5 something as the weather was so cold. Time seemed to move so slow and I can't wait for the sun to rise. I sat out at the verandah for quite a long time before I went back to sleep. The next time I woke up, the sun already rose. The breakfast was nasi lemak (sort of predictable) and it was not bad.

I had my first fishing experience and it was not a futile effort. I caught 5 to 6 fishes!! Bread can be such excellent baits. But the slice of bread was later stolen by a cheeky duck!

Me and my fish

The bread robber!

Time flies when everyone was enjoying themselves. It was soon time to pack and leave. At 10am, we checked out and braced ourselves for the winding, narrow road once again. Goodbye, My Gopeng!

Final look at the green pastures (although not as green as Internet photos)

With Bell, the founder of NKP term

Do Re Mi Ding Dong Bell with us

This trip had been a relaxing and really my type of retreat as it is not too cluttered with activities but left some space for me to find enjoyment on my own in the resort.

(All photos above are credited to Miss Nurainie and Ju Dee)

P/S: Just watched HP6 and I think it's better than the previous movie. Well, the book is always the best! =)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Post Examination

The last paper ended today. I did pretty bad, but I know I have no choice but to wait till the result is out to determine whether I will kiss RM300 goodbye. It'll be dad's money, but I will still feel sad for him. On the brighter side, exam's over and it's time for recuperation. I suspect I have overworked my brain these few days and the fact finally hit me when I felt a slight throb on my forehead during the Facilities Management paper.

The next event: Gopeng Retreat!!

I shall call it a retreat because it's a time when everyone will be feeling excited and gay. Games, games, games! It'll definitely be fun. Surprises await everyone. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Farewell, Ipoh. My bag is not even packed and I am saying goodbye already. I will miss my barn. Sis, take care of my barn while I am gone, will ya? I mean harvesting them, not stealing them when I said 'take care'.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Have you ever experienced being in the present moment of time yet at the same time, you are aware that you are nowhere in the moment. The feeling is sort of having a veil that separates you from the present. I know it's weird but I experience that pretty often ever since I was young.

Exam's in two days. I can't wait for Saturday to come. I have seen the past year papers but I have no idea what kind of questions I will be getting. Whatever it is, I will depend on God to give me the wisdom to interprete the questions precisely and have the ability to answer coherently. I just wish to pass. It's not too much to ask, right? =)

Crystle got herself groomed by mom and now she looks so babyish. You know, like the young of a cross-breed of a dog and a sheep. So cute!

Bonding Time

Below is a video of Crystle avoiding from me tickling her. =)

P/S: I hate today. And it's not because of the ulcer below the gums.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend in KL

This was how I spent my weekend. We have a one-night complimentary stay (for some reason), one room of each hotel; Seri Pacific Hotel and The Legend Hotel.

Seri Pacific Hotel

Dad and bro had decided to stay here so my sis and I stayed in the hotel across the road (The Legend Hotel).

Front view

Look how tall it is. There are 30 floors in total.

The following pictures are the interior of the room. No doubt, it is really cozy. I love the wooden flooring. It's the first hotel that I have been to that has a wooden flooring rather than the normal carpeted ones.

The sink of the bathroom is divided by a glass panelling.

The corridor to the door

Comfy bed

Bro's favourite location of the room

Plasma TV for watching Disney and other programmes

Sis getting comfortable on the sofa

In the bubble lift.

My sis and I went down from the 25th floor to the ground floor and then back up to the 30th floor before going down to the ground floor and out we went back to the hotel on Saturday night. It's really fun!

This is the hidden minibar behind the study table

Bathtub and water closet

Lights from nowhere?

Rain shower

The Legend Hotel

The room is really legendary. We got the room number 2009. As we walked along the rooms on the 20th floor, it's as if we were travelling through a time machine.

Welcome to Year 2009!

One for you, one for me

Desktop in the room! Once shut down, it cannot be turned on again. Sigh.

Better sofa than Seri Pacific's

Let's fast forward to the next day. We pre-celebrated dad's birthday at Nando's (not again, I hear some of you say but I am really beginning to love that place!)

Bro's set (I was too embarrassed to show my food picture coz it was halfway through consumption. Forgot to snap before tucking in)

Dad said it's okay to 'invest' in Starbucks once in a while. From left: Caramel + Cream Frappucino, Chocolate

Another shot of my drink

Throughout the weekend, I had excellent appetite and craved for food most of the time. The buffet at Legend was not as good as the last time but at least there were delicious dishes like the Beef Rendang and the Fish Curry to shut me up from complaining. =)

Exam is in 9 days. Still unprepared. When the time comes, I will be. Hopefully.

And here's a random picture of me snapped at the Hot Market at The Mall (next to Legend Hotel)

This is how specs can change the way you look.

(All photos are credited to Deric Lee)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cupcake Model 2009

This week has been an interesting one. Miss came up with the idea to have a Cupcake Model competition and the winner is selected based on the number of votes that is received from the students as well as the staffs. Here are the candidates:

(all photos are credited to Miss Nurainie)

Contestant No. 1: Pek Wan

Contestant No. 2: Soong Seng

Contestant No. 3: Kang Wei

The winner would get a cash prize of RM50. Hey, that's a lot of money to get just to stand and say cheese in front of the camera!

Voters don't drop from the sky so intensive marketing is essential to get votes. Look at the faces of the 'judges' below. It's only RM1 per vote to determine your winner!

Going from class to class, floor by floor to gain support from everyone. The response was good.

So what do the voters get? Nobody will vote if there's no benefit so there were four lucky draws to be given out (2 from the Vote-In Box and another 2 from the Vote-Out Box). The more the voters vote, the higher their chance is to win a cash prize of RM20! Just imagine if you only vote once and get called out for the lucky draw, you would gain RM19 for doing nothing! There is no such thing as free money but our four lucky draw winners can say otherwise!

Lucky Draw Winners

Joyce Phang

Jacky Chan

Another two lucky dudes were Haresh and Choke (a student from the Hotel Programme)

The most interesting part next was the crowning of Cupcake Model 2009.

And the winner is...

Pek Wan!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti in the air*

Miss Cupcake 2009

Congratulations! You have won yourself RM50...

... I mean, 50 RM1s. Now she's a Money Model!

The group picture of the contestants. We are all CHAMPIONS, yeah!

From left: Senget Seng with his senget pose, Pek Wan the pretty one, Kang Wei the Underdog a.k.a. the Handsome (give you the nickname you dream for)

Group pictures:

Hosteurs Club

The semester has come to an end. I will miss you all!!