Sunday, February 10, 2008

still in cny mood..

I am getting fat.

This is true based on how much I eat daily.

I should have a lot to write about my CNY celebration and the surprising thing is, I don't seem to be able to write all out. Too much to write probably, or maybe, I just can't remember what to write anymore. Too much carbs and fats is not healthy for you. I am a living proof.

The 50th Grammy Awards has just ended. I don't know much about the Western musics as I did not keep myself up-to-date with the newest musics. I find them noisy. Maybe there's one or two that are nice, but everyone loves noisy songs than melodious ones.

I guess the world has changed, that's all.

My grandma just went back to KL this morning and I was so relieved. Totally good riddance. I do not hate her. It's just that she is pretty annoying. Nothing more. I think that's what grannies do. Blabbering non-stop about things we are uninterested in yet we must listen to escape from being labelled as 'rude'.

One good point though. She gave me a birthday present. I guess that's enough to stop me from increasing her bad points. =D

In the meantime, the angpao collection is still in progress slowly. I still have a lot of cookies at home.

The door is still open for guests.

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sapphire blu said...

made me laugh and giggle as I read your blog.. you will know why. continue to update your blog so that I won't be seeing old updates. oh yea this year "putting on weight" is a trend so eat more cookies and in no time you will be dash dash dash

Anonymous said...

everytime i come here i see old updates again. update lah. i love reading your blog. happy birthday. today hari manusia ya