Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last weekend of April

It's been another weekend back in Ipoh and I enjoyed myself tremendously although it was a short trip. Let's see what I did today.

 Went to Christ Church with mom and sis and it was a good service. Plus good food! The people there were so warm and friendly. Really felt like home. :)

Came back soon after that and it was shower time for The Elles. Here is a  picture of us bathing the reluctant Elsa. Every time we want to drag her to the shower area, she will lie down and pretends to be deaf.

Say Cheese!!!!!!!!!!

Time truly flew when I was enjoying myself and it was time for me to head to Medan Gopeng for my 3.45pm bus back to Penang. I will see you all again in three weeks' time!

I was still full from lunch at 2.00pm just now so did not buy the sandwich from the ferry. In the end, I bought a tin of biscuits from the mini market at Ferringhi and had a simple dinner.

A few delicious biscuits to line my stomach.

One last picture of The Elles before I sign off.

Immortalised in picture.

Last but not least,

Happy Labour Day in advance! 

Let's bid April goodbye and welcome May 2012 to our lives. May May (pun not intended) brings us more success and warmth. Erm, this is turning into a festive message. Hahaha!!! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A night out with Wei Theing

I had a great evening yesterday. Went out to Gurney Plaza with Wei Theing (a training friend of mine since last year) to watch The Hunger Games and we bought popcorns and drink. Since we were both not that hungry nor thirsty, we shared the single bottle of mineral water. At first, the resolution of the cinema screen was badly adjusted, but someone went to complain and it was back to normal again with the actors' head no longer being cut halfway across.

The Hunger Games was great! Now I have got the spoiler of the novel (which I am currently reading) but it is okay. I love spoilers.

After the movie, Wei Theing brought me to a hawker centre where the Hokkien Mee is said to be very famous. The hawker is located just directly opposite Him Heang at Burma Road.

Delicious Hokkien Mee at only RM3.50. Thanks for the treat, Wei Theing!

We also ordered some appetisers before the noodles came.

Pandan egg tarts and normal egg tarts.

Two paus that were quite hard but tasted good nevertheless.

Time to introduce this sweet girl to you!

Wei Theing posing with her noodles.

Last but not least, me with the food!

By the time I reached home, it was already 11.30pm. It's so good to be able to go out and eat and watch movie to my heart's content.

There will definitely be another outing soon! Next, we go to Sungai Petani! Just kidding, Wei Theing!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fool Post

First and foremost, Happy April Fool's Day to all! Did anyone get fooled?

It was another half day of work yesterday and I received a message from Elaine asking whether we would like to have lunch together. So we went to McDonald's and I ordered the McChicken at RM6.30 inclusive of tax. It was good.

Last night I supported Earth Hour by switching off unnecessary light (in my case, only one) in my room. There is only a small, pathetic bulb but it's all right. I have done my part as a good citizen of Mother Earth. Erm, a confession to make. I actually forgot it was Earth Hour before I went out to the night market below and then it struck me when I returned. So I actually contributed to world-saving for only half an hour.

Bought myself a couple of fishballs and three siew mais for dinner since I had a heavy lunch (at McD as well as the staff cafeteria).

Looked good, didn't they?

They were delicious.

So Sunday came and I dreaded to get up from bed for some reason but thank God, I heaved myself out of bed and got into the bathroom successfully.

I learnt this theory every morning: Once you manage to get into the bathroom, you will not feel sleepy anymore especially when the first shower of water rains on you.

It is like a second alarm clock. Super effective!

We had a guest speaker for the day and his name is Pastor Daniel Ross who came with his lovely wife, Shannon. The topic today was about how following Christ is not a bed of roses but it means to have the faith to die for Jesus every single day, trusting the plans that God has for us is wonderful and whatever hardships we are going through are part of the process to get there. Inspirational message. For more information, you can check out his website here.

After the service, I thought there would be curry puffs and milo but when I got down to Level 2, there was nothing. They probably planned for the fellowship to be for Easter next week. So I headed to Prangin Mall and bought a ticket for Mirror Mirror (only RM9 for Sunday! Will be watching more movies at Lotus Five Star Cinema from now on.) show at 12.20pm then had my lunch at 75 Food Court.

RM5.50. Not too bad since it was good. I guess when you have a great start of the day, everything you eat will be tasty.

So how was the movie?

It was a good, refreshing twist of the classic Snow White and this version of Snow White was much braver and less stupid. You should go watch it!

The next movie in line: Snow White and the Huntsman

I seem to be targeting all the Snow White remakes.

I came home at around 3.15pm determined to do the laundry but as soon as I saw the bed, I slept off and decided in my dream that I should do it tomorrow. Procrastination has stroke once more! I thought I have defeated it long time ago.

I woke up two hours later. Afternoon naps are bad news! There goes my two hours on Sunday.

Went to have dinner at Long Beach with Kah Men and this was what I ordered.

Char Koay Teow at RM4. I finished it in less than 5 minutes. And I drank the glass of barley in less than a minute.

When we were done with our food, we walked back to the car and realised there was another car blocking me. So we waited for around 15 minutes before the owner came along and removed his car. The car park keeper gestured an apology which I took graciously when in my heart, I really wanted to ask for a refund of the RM2 since the service was so terrible. How could he double and triple-parked all the cars to maximise the capacity so that more cars could go in? Maybe time is hard and I should not be so harsh on him. At least I didn't say a word when I was blocked. That was good enough.

This post has gotten kind of lengthy and I shall be back when I have more updates.